5 Sins on Bathroom Tile Patterns

A lot of people put so much attention on decorating your bedroom, living room or kitchen. However, some people are really particular on the look of their bathrooms. For them, bathroom says a lot about one’s personality. Others believe that doing some intimate things inside this room entails a lot of care in making sure that their bathroom is not only clean but presentable as well. Your house as a whole may look nice, expensive and well designed but once a visitor sees how badly your bathroom looks, chances are you will have a negative impression on the. Furthermore, all of us use a bathroom. That’s how important a bathroom tile pattern is.

Let’s examine your bathroom. The first thing you will notice is the bathroom tile pattern. This tile pattern will define how your bathroom will look. So before you engage on major renovation of your tiles, here are the 5 common sins that are committed regarding bathroom tile patterns to avoid:
1. Using patterns that are do not suit your styles. Trust me, when choosing the right pattern for your bathroom; make sure that they are your preferred style. Do you like complicated patterns or simple ones? Are you fond of patterns consisting of figures? These are some of the things that you should consider in using bathroom tile patterns.
2. Using patterns that are so complicated that you end up getting dizzy just by looking at it. There are really bathroom tile patterns that you should avoid because it causes dizziness to some people. These are the complicated and elaborate ones that scientifically proven to be not advisable in the bathroom.

3. Using no pattern at all may not really be dull. Deciding not to use a pattern especially if you are a minimalist may be taken into consideration. You can also just make your chosen tile design to fill all the places for the tiles. There may be no seeming pattern but if your bathroom is well designed, chances are this may actually work for you.
4. Letting someone decide for you on what tile pattern to use. Your bathroom will be used by you; hence, you should be the one deciding on what pattern to use. Avoid patterns that are simply chosen by someone else. Make sure that you consider your own taste on having these bathroom tile patterns.
5. Just because you saw a bathroom pattern in one house means it would suit your bathroom. Sometimes, patterns need to blend in with the structure and space of your of your bathroom. Select a pattern that would complement what you have. A pattern that would make you feel that your bathroom is larger is the one you should use.