5 tips for amazing Asian style home decorating

A lot of people are stumped when it comes to decorating their homes. Most people want a home that looks unique and creative, but don’t know where to start. Decorating your home with an Asian style (using Palisander rosa furniture) is a great way to have your home look great and stand out from the rest.

Asian style decorating

Here are five tips for decorating your home with an Asian style:
1) An inexpensive decorating idea is create a great first impression. One common mistake homeowners make is their doorway and hallways are undecorated and only once you get to the living room do you see that it’s decorated in an Asian manner. Usually the rough transition takes away from the overall feel of the home. Make sure that if you’re going Asian, your house feels Asian all the way through.
2) Have just a few carefully chosen pieces of Asian art. Rather than having your walls cluttered with Asian pieces, choose just a few centerpieces that really stand out and make an impression.
3) Details are very important when you’re doing Asian style home decoration. One important piece is the textures you choose. Adding some Bamboo or Shoji to your home can really make a big difference. Make sure the fabrics you choose for curtains or bedding also matches the theme.
4) Lighting is a commonly overlooked piece of Asian decorating. The house should be well lit, but using soft lighting. This really adds to the Asian feel. Avoid harsh bright lights at all costs.
5) Finally, don’t overdo it. Asian culture is a minimalistic culture and use handcrafted natural furniture. When in doubt, opt for a clean space with just a few centerpieces, rather than cluttering the room with too much variety. Choose just your favorite pieces of art, furniture or designs and have them really shine.

These are five great ways to start creating an amazing Asian vibe. The best way to know if it’s really working or not is to try it and rearrange the pieces in real time until you find the look that really fits. It may take some time, but it’s worth it. After all, it’s your home.