6 Home Design Tips: Tea Party Bedroom

Out of ideas on re-designing your little girl’s room? Why not opt for a tea party bedroom design? It’s perfect for the imaginative young girls who dreams of having an elegant social tea party with her friends. As we all know tea party rooms are very cozy and comfortable, this will help your young girl relax in the confines of her bedroom.

In creating a tea party bedroom, it has to be fanciful, elegant and most of all functional. Young girls love elaborate designs and fancy details and for a bedroom inspired by such a theme, you have to be creative. It has to be functional as well, what’s the use of having a tea party bedroom if she can’t invite friends to come over and have a tea party? Do some research over the internet and browse for pictures of tea party rooms to get an inspiration. Here are some tips that can aid you in this redesigning feat.

Tea party bedroom

Tea Party Walls
The colors of the walls should be soft and not too strong. This is because you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. The easiest and fastest ways to décor walls is to use colored wallpapers which are usually available in your local department stores. Search for elegant patterns to simulate a real tea party room. If you want it to be more personalized you can paint the walls by hand. Paint the girl’s room walls with the shades of her favorite color, or better yet paint a mural that features here favorite things.

Tea Party Flooring
The floor plays a big role in the appearance of the room. It should share the same glitz the walls have, so you might as well decorate it to harmonize with the walls. Take note that it is a tea party bedroom, tea, coffee and other beverages will be consumed there and spills will be a usual occurrence. Instead of using wall to wall carpet, you can use floor coverings that are spill-resistant. If you have a large budget, you can situate wood and marble tiles.

Girl playing

Tea Party Furniture and Accessories
A Tea Party Room will not be a tea party room without Tea Part tables and chairs. Find a table and chair set that is proportional to the size of the room. Keep in mind that it is also a bedroom, having big tables will congest the room. It is best to situate the Table Set in the center of the room. You can attach a chandelier-like fixture above for a more dramatic effect. Of course you will need a tea set. When buying for a tea set, survey your child’s personality and base from it, this way you can get a design that will make her feel more special. Situate a cupboard to hold the tea set on display when not in use.