A Japanese Inspired Dining at Home

If you want to experience a Japanese kind of lifestyle even just in your very own home, you can have it. Designing a dining room that would give you such an experience of dining like the Japanese is never that hard. You only need some space for you to enjoy a Japanese Dining.

Japanese decorating style

First thing you can do is the wall treatments. You can choose the colors of your wall with a Japanese inspiration by choosing from their color palette of black, red, cream and white. These are the colors that Japanese use plus a gold color to add. You may want to use the black color for the furniture and the fabric and so you can choose the other colors to decorate the walls. You can use the red color above the chair rail and white above it. You can also place Japanese sayings on the walls to really give it a Japanese touch using either gold or a black paint.
Japanese interior decorating style

Then add artworks around the room. You can start by having a Kimono hung on the wall or if you have Japanese swords, you can place it on the walls. Or design the walls with large fans that are painted or large landscapes may just do the Japanese touch in your room.

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