Avoid Feng Shui blunders: learn the mistake that you’re making

Feng Shui principle, if properly practiced, could assure you of wealth and abundance in life, improved health conditions, enhanced self expression, life-long happiness and better relationships. Feng Shui is a century-old Chinese practice of putting things at its right place to help generate more positive energies and to eliminate the negative one. However, if improperly use it would bring you bad luck and misfortune. Oftentimes, people are too eager to see the result of Feng Shui happening in their life that more often than not they unconsciously violate some of the Feng Shui principles along the way. Here are some of the simple mistakes you’re probably making in Feng Shui.

FengShui kitchen

1. Just too much of color red. In Feng Shui, Red is considered a very lively color and invites a lot of energy into an area. Many believed it is the luckiest color. However, the other side of it is that red emanates the fire element and is not necessarily the best way to stimulate a space. Fire element happens to strengthen earth specifically the earth-type energies that are causes of arguments, sickness, and accidents. So do not think that Red has it for your good fortune because it can also harm you if overuse.
2. Mirror here, mirror there and mirror everywhere. Mirrors are good deal for your bedroom. It symbolizes achievement and harmony. However, too many mirrors can create a distracted atmosphere to a room. You should not also place a mirror directly opposite to your bed as it can affect your sleeping patterns.
3. Feng Shui for what? Feng Shui basically functions in the area where the five elements existed and is therefore affecting every aspect of the people living in that certain space. So when using it, one should have a clear and specific goal of what he wanted to achieve. The flow of energy from the five elements will not be properly focused if the application of Feng Shui doesn’t have any specific goal.
4. Getting extremely fanatic of the principle. Remember that even a little movement or your things can produce a marvelous impact on the flow of energies. So you don’t to buy follow or buy everything suggested by a Feng Shui expert at once or else you will get impoverished. Rather, do it gradually.
Mirror location according Feng Shui

5. Feng Shui exclusively for me. If you are applying the principle of Feng Shui in your home it should not only cater to you alone but as well to the other members of the household. It cannot be that you alone will be happy while your husband or wife or other member of the family is uncomfortable.
6. Not believing in personal feel. Many traditional Chinese objects such as ba gua mirrors may be used in Feng Shui but may not be appropriate as your home décor since you are not a Chinese. Other suggested colors that are not really appealing to you will not also work well. Feng Shui is basically flexible and can adjust according to your personal feel and taste.
7. Know only limited Feng Shui: Many of us only know very limited principles of Feng Shui. And from those, we follow them religiously and set aside the whole picture of the principle. In Feng Shui, it is important to know that everything are interconnected and the position or place of one thing to another is so important that they affect each other. For better guidance, it is still best to consult a Feng Shui consultants or experts who underwent intensive Feng Shui studies and training.