Basic Contemporary Japanese Furniture Design Guidelines

Recently, the home decorations of Americans are starting to change; it has been departing from their lavish designs and even their ornately designed rooms for the olds. Nowadays, we are purchasing much simpler furniture and yet elegant in the eyes. This practice is seldom being seen as an old practice from the ancient Japanese. As a matter of fact, most of us is a bit familiar with the Japanese’s furniture which has been first designed in the 1500’s which are also known as the Edo period and had undergone some changes in the present period. Now, let us discuss a quick guide to contemporary Japanese furniture design.

Japanese styled table

Most of the Japanese people do believe in the concept of “Ma”, which is commonly being known by them as a proper balance between any objects in a space. This is the main reason why a lot of the traditional decorations of Japanese are creating a simple and yet stunning room not just cluttered or even the plain ones.
Japanese styled furniture

For us to be able to create a living space which has the designs of the Japanese, there are some few details that we should consider putting in our room. Like for example, instead of using some carpets, we could simply use some tatami mats which has been made from the straws of rice and can be also used for sleeping, sitting, or even just for covering of our wooden floors. The tatami mats have a border of black fabric and a light tan color which makes it aesthetically pleasing rugs.