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How to remove a flat bathroom mirror

Do it yourself home renovations are so common nowadays because hiring professional ones are often costly. However you still want to make that renovation without spending too much. Good thing there are sp many home renovation that you can do alone. There are also so many articles on the Internet for these home renovation tips […]

How to Strip Wallpaper without Exerting Too Much Effort

Admit it. Redecorating your house by stripping your existing wallpaper can be really time-consuming and tiring as well. However, if you are worried that your wallpaper is already worn out or is already out of style, you really don’t have other choice but to strip it. You may hire a professional decorator which could take […]

How to Make a Kid’s Theme Bedroom

Remember when you were just a kid, you really want to have that pink colored room with your favorite cartoon characters on your cabinets? Every kid dreams of a wonderful bedroom full of warm and cuddly pillows and their favorite toys scatted all over the room. Other kids want Paris furniture, crafts and decorating that […]

How to Use Candles for Decoration

Are you one of those who wants to have a refreshing and at the same time unique decors for your home? Then this will give you an introduction to candles. This is what you need if you are looking for a new way to brighten your home. Before, candles are used in our household by […]

How to Choose a Countertop Surface?

Looks can be deceiving in countertops. While the look alone is tempt you to purchase, material’s durability, maintenance and cost are some key factors to be consider in choosing a countertop surface. Whether you are building a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing one, you got to be very careful in the choosing the countertop […]

How to Start an Appointment Reminder Service from Home?

People of today’s generation are getting busier everyday. Sometimes, we even forget our appointments to our dentist and doctor and just before we utter a word, the appointment will then be canceled. Do you need to wait people to get mad at you for having been such a forgetful person who mixed up appointment? The […]

How to Hang Objects in Brick Wall

In personalizing your own home, there are so many things that you can do. You can add furniture, shelves, flower vases, etc., but the most common to do is hang some personal choices of objects on your walls. This is a very easy task. You’ll just select a design you personally want and then find […]

How to Install Subpanel Center in Basement?

Your main electrical panel can only accommodate a certain number of connections. There will come a time when it will become too occupied to have any more link attached to it. This is a problem when you decide to ‘extend’ your electricity to the least used areas in the house like the basement. During this […]

How to Create an African Inspired Dining Room

How can we achieve interior designs which create an African inspired dining room? It is true that creating a dining room which is African inspired is being seen as a very great way to celebrate where we really came from; or even just to show our love in the culture of the Africans. Now here […]

Making Bamboo Roman Shades as Easy as 1-2-3

If you’re looking for a kind of design that is beautiful to the eyes, simple yet inexpensive, bamboo blinds is one of the best choices. It gives you a very natural look as well as a warm ambiance. Bamboo blinds can be handmade or you can just purchase it in native stores. You can also […]

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger Through Decorating

In a small space, everything counts. Having a small room in a house can make you feel confined and uncomfortable. You do not have to be annoyed; because there are simple reasons which you can use through the use of certain designs. There are particular tricks that, when applied, can make a small room look […]

How to decorate a temporary living space?

Home is the most special place in the world. In fact, there is a very popular African proverb that “Home is not where you live but where you belong”. Everyone wants a place to call home in this big world. Everyone wants to feel safe under the shelter of home. Everyone does not have the […]

How to choose a desk lamp for your room?

Desk lamps have so many shapes and sizes; there are a variety of desk lamps to choose from actually. Some desk lamps have this traditional look, some have oriental touches in it while others offer contemporary flavor. Desk lights that have exposed lamps tend to produce distracting glares which also causes more harm than actually […]

How to Remove surfactant Leach

Surfactant leaching cause blotchy, tan, glossy brownish spots that appears on the exterior of a latex paint, surfactants are not necessary in making paints, they evaporate and they do not belong to the ingredients of the paint. They do not cause any harm so you don’t have to worry much. Leaching often occurs during cool […]

How to organize all those baby stuffs and toys

Organize all those baby stuffs and toys that were stored in the room in a cabinet and decorate her room with some big girl’s stuffs: you may use fashion items like, hats, bags, shoes, watches, and other grown up stuffs. In choosing fabrics for the room, you may linen, denim, silks, and with designs like, […]

How to create a shadow box?

If you want to feature a graduation for a gift, you can make use of a graduation cap, or a paper designed to look like a diploma as decorations or have lei as a decorative. Wrap the box around with a gift wrapper that says congratulations. You can also place your favorite collector’s item toy […]

How to install a decorative wall paneling

After preparing the materials that you will need, prepare the room. You can start by removing the nails, staples or any other protrusions that you may find in the walls where you would want to hang the paneling. It would everything that protrudes needs to be removed. You would even need to remove encasements in […]

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