Common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers

For loose fitted slipcovers, you can already make them look sophisticated and stylish by simply adding layers when tucking them on furniture. The extra area of the slipcover can be applied for designing or “sculpting” the slipcover to the furniture. Simple designs like overlapping the slip cover two to three times at each side of the furniture can already provide the artistic touch that it needs. You can also add casual ambience on the furniture by draping the extra area of a loosely fitted slipcover on the sides of the furniture.

Sofa slipcover

One of the common problems of loosely fitted slipcovers is that, for example, the sofa slipcover is not tucked properly throughout the furniture, and it becomes a problem once the furniture is used too often. This problem can be solved by tucking in other objects into the crevices of the furniture, such as old newspapers or old magazines bound together with rubber bands. By fitting them properly, your slipcover will now be more durable and would be kept from being easily disorganized.

In fitting slipcovers, you can also apply techniques that are not only practical, but provide style as well. Draped fabric on the bottom can be either plain loose or pleated, depending on your preference. If your furniture gets used all too often, it might be better to slip in slipcovers with more durable fabric, but not too durable though, just enough for the slipcover to last out getting used often but is still easy to clean and maintain. If you’re still on a budget, you can still put more creative ideas like creating a general theme for the whole room, not just by matching the color combinations of the furniture slipcovers to the room, or by fully tailoring the entire room to suit a particular theme, but by trying to imitate the look and feel of the room onto the slipcovers.

Modern sofa slipcover

Those are only some of the general ideas and tips on how to maximize your home furniture design by fitting them with slipcovers. Remember, you don’t need spend a lot of money just to make your furniture look nice and good.