Dash and Albert rugs for your home

The colorful rugs featured here are bright and pulsating and come in checks, stripes, plaids, floral patterns and other cool hip hop designs which make them an all time favourite. They specialize in both cotton and woollen rugs. Their rugs are easy to take care of and the smaller ones can even be machine washed, so you need not worry about their maintenance. They have quite a wide range of rugs with vivid colours that will make your room an exquisite picturesque space admired by all.

Rugs also can be used to adorn ottomans. Ottomans manufactured by Lee industries acquire a new trendy look with these fabulous, vibrant rugs covering them. When covered by these rugs the plain look of the ottoman is transformed and these charming pieces can be positioned in any place, be it the living room, dining room, bathroom or the dressing room. The ottoman decorated by the colourful rugs can also serve as a coffee table and can be placed in your office room or in the den at your home. With its different range of uses colourful rugs are a must buy in your shopping list and these quite easily transform a dull room into a vibrant and dazzling place.

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