Design choices for a Room for a Little Boy

For the design choices, you will have a wide variety to choose from. Plaid and stripes however, are very good basic designs that you can use as the main backdrop. Plaid is a very reliable pattern that you can always count on not to suddenly get old. Stripes on the other hand are very classical. It can be used as a good backdrop for practically any type of décor you can come up with. You can use different combinations of stripes. There are the bold and wide stripes with strong colors and there are also the thinner, lighter ones. Larger stripes usually fit easily into a boy’s room; it would take a little more work to “muscle up” the smaller stripes into blending well with the room.

In front of these plaid and stripe background, you can place the furniture and accessories you want your little boy to have. Try to keep your distance from the plastic tables, chairs, and drawers that have “for children only” written all over them. Look to bring in more masculine type furniture made of large wood or sleek metallic surfaces. The shiny accessories would do well in highlighting different parts of the room.