Designs, Rods, and Tips of Café Curtains

Before we discuss any further interesting things on café curtain designs, rods, and tips, let us familiarize ourselves to café curtain. Café curtains are the curtains which are half-hanged from the center of our windows instead of at the top of it. Its purpose is to give us some privacy inside our home while still delivering us some natural light coming from the outside of our home. These curtains are commonly being placed in the kitchen area whereas mothers could have the chance to peek out and see what their children are doing outside while doing some chores. But then, even if café curtains are very ideal to use, this doesn’t fit each and everyone’s taste.

Cheerful cafe curtain

Now, let us know the different knowledge that we could have on all about café curtains designs, rods, and tips which will surely work for a lot of different decorating styles that we will surely love. If we have a country setting in our home, it is very ideal to hang the café curtains into a branch of a tree which could be found into our yard or even in a simple iron rod.

We could also recycle a quilt and cut it to fit our lower windows portion and then hung it into either one or two panel. We could also recycle a part of it and cover it with a cornice board or even sew it in a pocket of a rod to have a window topper. Another one that we can do is by simply making a fabric shutter for the interior part of our window, which will surely resemble the café curtain when it is closed. But still, it can be swung open just to have visibility and some light.

Cafe curtains

Aside from those, if we have a traditionally styled home, we could simply use a brass rod with some small simple finial or even a spring loaded rods. The spring loaded rods are the rods which are fit within the frames of our windows and this is not that visible into the pocket of our curtains. While the brass rods are being hanged by a small brackets on our window frames and it is a little bit visible than the spring loaded rods due to its final show.

Those are the things that we should know when it comes to all about café curtains designs, rods, and tips. We could use either of these advices to be able to achieve a stylish house without compromising some of our needs like the natural sunlight outside our home. We could also seek some of the professionals’ help to be able to execute our plans out properly for our home decoration.