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Destination Train Station

At some point during our childhood days, we become fascinated with various types of vehicles. Especially during travels, we get curious as to how they operate and how it feels like to be inside these vehicles as passengers. We may not remember it, but maybe (just maybe) an example of this interesting vehicle is the train. Perhaps you have a kid or you live with a kid who shares the same fascination with trains as you might have. So what can you do to customize his or her room to give it a train theme? The following are some ideas on how to design a train themed bedroom.

Train shaped bed

First, what does a typical train look like? A chain of cars running on steam (for old school trains) or those bullet trains that look like cylinders zooming really fast. Does he/she want the old school type or the more modern ones? Whatever the child chooses, you can use it as inspiration for the colors and art on the walls, furniture and other accessories and necessities. Look for photos of trains and let the child choose which train to be the central theme of the room. Paint the walls with the train image depending on a desired setting. Does he/she want a hillside setting or underground cityscape? From there, you’ll know which accessories to match with the walls.

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