Elegant and Chic Antique Picture Frames

Antique picture frames are in vogue now due to their distinctive style and elegance. Picture frames are used to protect and safeguard pictures and paintings. Moreover they add to the beauty of the picture they frame. The history of antique picture frames dates back to the 2nd century B.C. The Etruscan cave paintings had borders done around them which indicates the presence of picture frames in that period. The first picture frames used were made of wood and was usually done by the painter himself. This was a common practice in the middle ages.

Different styles of antique picture frames

It was during the renaissance period that picture frames came to limelight. Picture frames made of metal or wood replicating the style prevalent to the particular period of time came into being. These added grace and style to the paintings and were modelled according to the painters’ wishes. During this period professional frame makers flourished well, with the frames ranging from ornate, gilded ones to rococo ones.

Victorian style antique picture frames specialise in ornamental works of art made of usually metal or wood. These add a touch of sophistication and are a source of delight to a connoisseur. These are quite expensive, but affordable reproductions are available in the market for art lovers who are desperate to own one. These are manufactured in metal or wood like the original pieces to suit your budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

Antique picture frame

With the advent of plastic, picture frames are done in large scales and are easily affordable now. They come in both sleek, stylish simple designs and also as heavily done ornamental types. Modern architectural styles go well with the simple, down- to-earth and classy designs. Antique picture frames are more suited to the ancient styled houses as they add to the traditional effect of the house concerned. So care should be taken while furnishing the house or office with antique picture frames. They should add to the overall effect and not mess up the style of the room.

Whether they are made of wood, metal or plastic, the main purpose of the picture frame is to safeguard the picture inside. When done ornamentally they give a touch of class to the picture as well as the surrounding area. Once considered as a collectors’ item, these antique frames have come a long way to being an integral part of interior décor of a building adding glamour and sophistication to the place they grace.