Ensuring Great Bedroom Ideas with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is very famous nowadays especially it is being followed by many top celebrities today. Luck is always inevitable. There is no bad thing if we let our senses follow the different guidelines done by the Feng Shui experts.

Feng Shui is the combination of letting luck inside your homes, designing and with a little bit of Chinese theme. It also focuses on relaxing your mind and body as a whole. Now, the question is, how to apply Feng Shui in our home? Usually, we’ll ask the experts for this but with a little tip from us, you can have different Feng Shui ideas that you can use in arranging the bedrooms.

First and foremost, the room should be very relaxing and won’t make someone stressful. Thus, it should have a floor plan which is very simple. It shouldn’t be bare to the outside world. The more exposed you let your room be, the worse effect you can get. The main reason why you shouldn’t expose your room is that you should have energy. When exposed, energy will be drained out from you especially sleeping.

Other Feng Shui Tips are the following:
a. Plants are a big help in ensuring a positive energy. Place these plants in the corners of your room. These plants prevent dead energy in the corners that they are placed at.
b. If you want a more positive energy stored inside your room, never place anything under your bed. You are more likely collecting all the negative energy rather than the positive ones.
c. When moving the furniture or things; move it until you find it satisfactory to your taste.
d. Don’t let your headboard flatten on the wall. Leave a few inches from the wall. The reason is that the air can move freely around the room and your bed.
e. Don’t let your room a place of your trash. Always make sure that it is clean. Clean out your closets and dressers. Make sure that you are very well-organized in your things.
f. If there’s furniture with sharp edges, place a plant so that it can ease and soften the edges.
g. Don’t let the foot of the bed facing the door. You are more likely letting the positive energy slip out of your room. It will also be a nuisance to your resting time.
h. Don’t let any mirrors be placed in which you can see yourself while sleeping or resting.
i. Don’t make your bed your office place. A bedroom is used for relaxation, not for working. Separate a desk from your room if ever you have one.

Now, those are the following tips that you can use to have a Feng Shui-themed bedroom of your own. Having this theme will let you have a more relaxed bed room, if not, better move the things again. Try it in the other parts of your house as well. Good luck!