Feng Shui and your Home

Feeling unlucky lately? Maybe it is the negative influences that cause the ‘chi’ imbalance in your home causing you misfortunes and ill luck. But you do not have to fear, a little feng shui can fix this ordeal.
Feng shui, (pronounced as fung shway) is a belief that is rooted from Far Eastern tradition. It has become a set of principles that has continued to evolve over the thousands of years of its existence. Feng shui experts state that everything in this world, living things, non-living things and all our surroundings, are interconnected and influence each other. To achieve a better life, feng shui says that we should attain harmony and balance in the flow of ‘chi’ or the positive life force in our environment.

FengShui kitchen

Feng shui also states that our surroundings can affect our lives, positively or negatively. This depends on how we channel the positive energy; experts believe that proper order can help us to achieve health, happiness and even abundance in life. And because we spend most of our time in our homes, the balance of positive energy that flows in it greatly influences us. From the furniture arrangements, to the home’s core architecture even the lighting effects can make or break the harmony of the ‘chi’ flow. Here are some Feng shui tips to improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.

Here are some home conditions to avoid:
The U-shaped home structure is considered to bring bad luck to love and marriage because it symbolizes a lock-out shape which will drive people away to find a more comfortable place. The L-shaped home is also considered unlucky, because it represents incompleteness. Feng shui says that humans are like mirrors to their environment, people who dwell in L-shaped homes will most likely feel a void in them. Feng shui experts also discourage having your front door face towards a wall. This is because it disrupts the ‘chi’, causing you to have major failures in life in three years.

Mirror location according Feng Shui

Narrow entranceways that are dark and cramped is also unadvisable because it is said to suppress the normal flow of ‘chi’ causing people to feel sadness, stress and depression. Doors that are too large for the room are also considered to cause bad luck. This is because the incoming ‘chi’ will be excessive for the room to contain. As a result, residents will have a hard time holding on to their money. Feng shui principles have originated century-long beliefs and traditions that run logically to the idea of connectivity in the circle of life. And if you do have feng shui flaws in your home, don’t be afraid. Bad luck can be negated with the use of charms, ornaments, chimes and crystals that can improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.