Feng Shui Color Principles for Your Homes

Color is a big factor in decorating the rooms. Color gives a harmonious effect. If you use the right color, it will give your room the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere but if not, it will only lead to a disastrous and eerie feeling to the one who will use the room. Thus, make sure that color compliments well with all the parts of the room. Feng Shui, however, have a different principle about color. The color for Feng Shui has different meanings. Once you use the Feng Shui color principle, you can use your room more peacefully and you will have a more relaxing atmosphere. Now, in designing with color, here are the different Feng Shui tips that you can use in your bedroom, bathroom and the living area.

Bedroom: Never use bright colors for . This is a common mistake by people. One example is red. You shouldn’t use red because it is a yang color while sleeping is yin. Thus, in choosing a color for your room, you should be using muted colors rather than the bright ones. You can also use elemental colors according to your natal chart. If you’re more of water, you can use a pale blue. You can also balance it out by using green which symbolizes wood. Symbolizations for color in the natal chart are: red or pink (fire), orange, yellow or brown (earth), white, silver or gold (metal). For a kid’s bedroom, you can use yang colors for the wall while bright colors for the different accessories. This will let the child feel the resting as well as playing atmosphere inside his or her room.

Bathroom: Think of the people who are going to use the bathroom. What are their elemental colors? The tip in choosing a bathroom color is that bathing is a yin color, so choose a yang color for the wall. Also, use earth colors on the toilet area so you can push the negative energy away.

Living Areas: Remember to include the family in the color principle. Also, determine the different functionality of the room. If the living room is for relaxing, use the earth color. Party rooms won’t be much fun if you’re using yin colors and you can’t relax well if you’re using yang colors. Color harmony is a great secret that you can use in the different parts of your house.

Now, that’s all for the tips and advices in using the Feng Shui principles of color to be applied to your homes. There’s nothing wrong in following this tips because it won’t harm you. You’re just ensuring a better living for your family because by choosing the right color, you can balance the different feelings of your family members and that is a great difference. You can relax better and most of all, you can relate better with one another.