Feng Shui: Start with Basics

There is nothing wrong in believing and following traditions. Usually, beliefs help to improve life by receiving positive blessings. Feng shui basics find trouble spots in your home, as this is the well-known ancient Chinese system of aesthetics. They believed that Feng shui or wind-water uses both laws of astronomy or Heaven and geography or Earth.

Anyone can do feng shui at home. Complex levels start from basics. To help you get started, here are some Feng shui basics in your home:
1. Clear your mess out. Get rid of all the things you hate in your home. Mess clearing is a process that consumes time and energy. It serves as therapy but it can lighten up all the loads. This procedure is important, as it creates harmonious feng shui energy inside your home.

FengShui kitchen

2. Prepare a source of good light and good air in your home. These elements are significant for good chi or feng shui energy as well. Often, open windows to introduce feng shui to air-purifying plants. As much as possible, allow natural light to come into your home. Using of full spectrum lights is possible.
3. Identify the Ba-Gua. It serves as the feng shui energy map of your home through feng shui compass. By using Ba-Gua, you have the chance to find out which area of your home is connected to specific area of your life.
4. Review the five elements of Feng Shui theory as it can help you to find out how to balance these five in your home. You can strengthen specific elements in specific Fung Shui area as well. For example, if you want to attract more prosperity, introduce the feng shui element of wood and water element into southeast part of your home. Aside from studying the five elements, you need to find out the birth element of your Feng Shui. Through this effort, you can create a home that supports your personal feng shui element.
Mirror location according Feng Shui

5. Find out your Kua number, as it benefits you throughout the day from your luckiest and best feng shui postions. You can adjust the position of your home office, bed, dining area, etc. accordingly.
6. Be attentive and always mind the state of your home and how the energy influences your well-being. Pay attention to feng shui triangle. It is well-known as it is connected to your heart deeply.

After you have mastered the feng shui in your home, you can move on to more complex level. Traditions are tradition. They exist and still existing and believed by most people even before we born. There is nothing wrong in following and continuing their beliefs, what important is how you respect their traditions.