Feng Shui Your Home: How to find the trouble spots in your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of seeking balance and harmony among the energies is your surroundings. The essential teaching of the Feng Shui is that the flow of vital energy known as the “qi” controls an individual’s prosperity, health and destiny. Our surroundings and environment influences us, attracting good or ill energies in our life. Positive surroundings produce and enhance positive energies thereby improving our opportunities for healthy, happy and financially secured life. Negative surroundings on the other hand depress and block off the vital energies thereby producing imbalance, sadness, loss of harmony and poor health in our life.

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And since our home is our haven, it is essential that it maintain harmony and balance. A wrong shape, design, alignment of the doors, kind of lighting and arrangement of furniture can greatly influence the flow of the vital energies in our home. Thus, these trouble spots can produce unsettled life such as trouble in the family, failures in the career, finances and health.