Four Feng Shui decorating tips for your bedroom

Tip 1.) There are some easy ways to add the Feng Shui energy flow to your bedroom’s decoration. The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the untidiness and disorder that plagues your bedroom. This is important to allow peace and restfulness. Having unnecessary things stored in your bedroom is negative. This is the place you renew your body’s strength during sleep time. There shouldn’t be too many obstacles in the room as this will block the free flow of energy.

Tip 2.) Since the bedroom is a place to relax and renew, you shouldn’t have any appliance such as Tv, Pc, Radios, or other noise makers in there. These appliances are symbols of commitments and discourage the freedoms needed in bedroom serenity. If you do have to have these burdens in your bedroom, then you should place a divider or shelf around them so they cannot be focused on when you are in your bed.

Feng Shui

Tip 3.) Many of us think that our bedroom needs to be pitch dark in order to rest. With the Feng Shui arrangement you will learn differently. You need to allow the energy of Yang to infuse your room. Open the window dressings and let the light shine in. Choosing soft colors for your walls in the bedroom will provide a calming surrounding.

Tip 4.) The positioning of your bed is important in achieving a solid Feng Shui foundation. If your feet lay facing the path that exits of the room, you should put an obstacle within the path, or perhaps even rearrange the placement of your bed. Feet towards the door is similar to the way a dead body would exit the room. This is considered to be a negative sleep position. Also, the position of your bed should allow you to see the entrance to your room. This represents being in control of what you meet head on.