Furniture Slipcovers for Added Appeal

Nowadays, furniture slipcovers have acquired an entirely new look with all kinds of imaginative and fun filled shapes filling the stores. You can see wing backed chairs, loveseats, ottomans and even sectional sofas. You can give your existing furniture anew appearance with these slipcovers. They give a new look and add charm to your entire set up. You can either get ready made ones or custom made ones according to your budget. But custom made ones are not much expensive when you consider the cost of changing the entire furniture arrangement. Moreover these have the added advantage of being easily changeable and also can be maintained easily.

Modern sofa slipcover

So where to use these slipcovers? Almost every room in the house is in need of slipcovers. The sofa in the living room, the cushions in the bedroom and many other areas can be spruced up with these slipcovers. They give a shielding effect to the existing pieces and at the same time manage to give the furniture a new and alluring appearance. Try to keep some spare slipcovers [you can buy a large load at discounted prices] in case of emergencies which are a sure thing if you have a set of unruly kids at home. The slipcovers available at the stores are durable and can be machine-washed. Get some long lasting cotton ones that will survive the daily use.
Original jean sofa slipcover

For the dining and kitchen you have a variety of stretch slipcovers which deck up your dining chair or your kitchen equipments. They prevent the furniture and appliances from getting soiled by food and drinks that spill on them. You can get a daily use one and a decorated one for party use. These add color and appeal to your rooms and make them fresh and attractive and cost you a lot less than furnishing with new items. Moreover you can change these to something new any time you feel you want a change. Go ahead and splurge on new slipcovers if you want to give your rooms an entirely fresh and appealing air.

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