Giving a Breath of Fond Memories in Every Corner: Decorating with Picture Frames

In today’s wide variety of interior design and decorating standards, we now have all the different kinds of wall decorations that anyone can ever imagine for any type and kind of room that anyone can think of. But nothing beats the power of being able to instantly recall fond memories of the past and use them as decorations. That, as some of you might know already (based from the article’s title) is the sole capability of picture frame decorations.

Different styles of antique picture frames

Picture frames have been one of the most basic wall decorations that has been in use ever since the development of custom paint colors capable of recreating almost realistic versions of one’s self on a canvas. And with the invention of the modern camera towards the 20th century, industrialization soon took place, and buying a picture and a picture frame for home decorations became cheap, affordable and readily accessible almost anywhere in the known civilized world.

However, simply hanging them over walls randomly can simply be a nuisance, especially if the sizes do not even match together. There is also the problem of assigning a proper height to each and every picture frame that you may have. And thus, proper hanging of picture frames using simple logical techniques are necessary to achieve that nostalgic plus artistic look that picture frames are so designed for.

Pictures in the kitchen

Height must be standardized for each frame possible. If you are using relatively less frames, then you can line them up in squares or in a straight line, in a height that is just right at the eye level of an average observer. This totally reduces stress from looking at a picture that is either lower or higher than the observer, and in return produces a symmetrical effect that pleases (or tricks) the eye.