Granite kitchen countertop: an excellent choice

These days kitchen is not all about being functional, people nowadays put great effort into kitchen flooring and aesthetics. A very vital aspect of the kitchen is the countertop. This is included as a major concern in designing a kitchen. What countertop should you use? Is it granite, synthetic, or marble? Nowadays, kitchen countertops are the most favored choice even though they can be heavy and expensive. Here are the top three reasons why a granite kitchen countertop is a very good choice:

Granite kitchen countertop

1. The looks. Granite is a fine-looking material. It is available in an array of stunning colors, varying from bright, and light to neutral. Granite is also easy to match with other kitchen decors. You would have no difficulty matching any kitchen cabinet to a granite countertop. Your kitchen will naturally benefit form the grandeur, and the lustrous state of your countertop. Granite also comes with natural design and such designs even survive for a long time. These designs are naturally etched on granite and these can be a good backdrop to the whole aesthetics of the kitchen. Just make sure that you will purchase titles that will match these granite designs color and style.
2. Rich textures. When granite is mined, they are excavated in large blocks. They are later converted into slabs. This property makes the pattern and color of granite largely uniform. There is also a very low chance that dirt will get stuck in cracks as fewer scratches can be made in granite blocks. As a result, granite exhibit a very consistent surface.
3. Durability. Granite is a hard and very durable rock as it comes form the deeper parts of the earth. It does not get damaged easily and is resistant to radical temperatures, may it be hot or cold. Sealed granite is not prone to any discoloration or even to damages that can be caused by hot kitchenwares. It also does not too much care as its luster will still remain even after many years of usage.
4. A good investment. Even though granite may cost a little more than other countertops, it is still a wise choice as it increases the whole value of your home. A granite countertop assures you a kitchen that does not require too many repairs. Also, when the point comes that you want to sell your house, you can be assured that your kitchen will still be in a very good condition.
Granite countertop

You have a lot of selection for your granite countertop, as seen in decorating magazines. Granite is available as tiles, slabs, as well as in kit forms. Of the three, slabs are the most susceptible to breaking, especially during transportation. Slabs are also prone to cases of mismatching, though these come in minimal risk. The crown favorite is the granite tile. They are simple to handle and very unvarying in style. Granite kitchen countertop is a very good choice due to the comfort and practicability is offers. Furthermore, you can be assured that you will have a reliable countertop for a very long time.

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  • The timeless beauty of granite makes it the best material for countertop. It is not only durable and of various textures and colors, but most important, easy to clean and stain resistant.

  • countertops

    I bought the granite countertop more than three years ago, and I like this quality.
    But I’ve heard that granite countertops are harmful to health. Is a lie?

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