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Hallway Makeovers: Introducing Design to Your Old, Boring Hallways

Hallways of most homes are usually left undecorated. Not a strange fact, because their main function is to provide a way to other rooms in the house. But are they just limited to that purpose? Just being a passageway doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorated. Hallways also warrant proper decorating, just like any other part of any home.

Rustic hallway decor

The simplest way to decorate any hallway is to apply the same decorating theme of the adjacent rooms to the hallway itself. This could mean coloring the hallway to match the adjacent rooms’ theme or design. Common articles such as plants can also be put on your hallways, just make sure that they don’t get too much in the way. You can even paint the hallway walls with a different color than the rest of the rooms, but be sure that the color compliments the other rooms’ decorations nicely.
Modern hallway decor

If just copying the other rooms’ theme is not enough for you, or if you want a more functional way of decorating your hallways, you may want to try putting small decorations on the walls of your hallways. Objects like wall candles add that stunning elegance and beauty, and with that faint flickering light, adds an ambience that you can never feel with any other decorating style in your home.

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