Hang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy

If there are furniture that are wrongly placed in terms of Feng Shui practice must be blocked to keep the negative energy out of the kitchen. You can do this by blocking it with the use of all types of barriers such as panels or curtains. Sharp objects must also be covered with mats or with cloth so as not to invite negative chi. You should also buy appliances or furniture that are of good quality because this brings positivity in the atmosphere. Things that are always broken or dysfunctional poses negative energy so better choose your things well. This will also affect the health energy in your kitchen so buy only those that are working properly.

Golden feng shui chime

Hang Feng Shui chimes that invite positive energy. Better hang these chimes on the doors, windows, and other pathways because these are where positive chi pass by and stay. If possible, place fortune plants around your kitchen that will bring fortune not only as wealth but also in the family’s health. These are just some of the Feng Shui principles that you must consider when you arrange and decorate your kitchen. Just follow these Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen to always be surrounded with positive energy and bring the best effects for your beloved family’s wealth and health.