Having too much furniture into a small space might be of an eye sore

Adjust the items and articles in your house so that there is just enough room for you to move about freely. Having too much furniture or article forced into a small space might be of an eye sore, even if they blend perfectly in to the general theme of the room. Balance may be good, but a tint of imbalance to a specific degree might just be the last missing thing that your rooms need. Everything does not always have to be symmetric. A random arrangement of book sizes can actually make it look more sophisticated that when you line them up flatly, giving that aura of reality that could not have been possible with very symmetrical designs.

Small laundry place

Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms of the house. In fact, it is one of the rooms that emphasizes on almost 80% functionality than the rest of the rooms. But it doesn’t mean that the remaining 20% should be neglected. Bathrooms, like any other room in the house, warrant proper decoration for it to be more lively and pleasing to the eye.
Feng shui styled living

You don’t always have to replace old stuff in your house, spice them up again by revitalizing them. A new paint job could do just the trick for several old articles in your home. Some furniture might just need a little repairing to get them back on their feet again. Just be sure that you still match the article with your home’s general theme. Sometimes, simple organization of your home articles can already deliver that beauty that you homes need. Try arranging things first and see whether the new arrangement of things can suit your style and taste in home decoration.

Finally, stash a little bit of your signature into the rooms by adding articles related to you and your family. This could either be framed photos, sentimental items, or any other thing or object that contains precious memories of the good old days.