How to Choose a Color Scheme for your home

Finding the perfect color match for a house may look like a difficult proposition. But today most paint companies have color coordinating cards. These cards make the selection of colors much easier for an average person. Color of a house or a room is what captivates any visitor. It also influences the mood and ambience of a room. Choosing the right color can transform a dilapidated dull house into a vibrant and living atmosphere.

While choosing a color for your home, it is important to keep in mind few basics characteristics of color works in a room: like dark color makes the room look smaller and bright colors creates the impression of a bigger room. Armed with some of these basic knowledge, you can transformed your home into living breathing space.

Which color then?
Color like Pink, Yellow and Red will appear brighter and lighter under artificial light whereas colors like green and blue can appear dull. While choosing color for a room it is important too keep in mind the lighting features of the room and other feature like the size and utility of the room. Generally, there are colors that generally do not go well in certain room e.g. the kitchen, rest room etc. It is also important to take note of the amount of natural light that a room receives and how much of this light you want to play down or use for you color choice. Colors can bring soothing effects to your mood, so the choice is very important.

Choosing a color would also be determined on how you want you home to appear. If you want a general outlook of more open space ambience then receding colors like violet, green, and blue will do the right job and if you intent for a more cozy type outlook then colors like Yellow, Orange and Red will suit the later.