How to choose wall paper for your home

Wallpapers are one of the most used décor materials in an average home. These wallpaper come in different color, patterns, size and design. Choosing and pasting the right type of wallpaper can transform the whole ambience of a room. However, choosing the right type paper is not always easy and there are few factors that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the basic points that you would need to consider while shopping for the right wallpaper.

a) Room size. The size of the room is very important and depending on the size you will need to consider the wallpaper. For a small room wallpaper with mural print and horizontal line can make the room appear bigger. If the room has higher ceiling then wall paper can make the room appear lower and like wise the lighting of the room. It is therefore important to have a bird eye view of the room.
b) Color. The wallpaper should be able to contrast with other color in the room. If there are stronger colors try to contrast these by lighter tone wallpaper. If your room looks monochrome then bright wallpaper can be a very effective way of bring light and depth to the room. It is also important to do a sampling test before finally choosing the wallpaper.
c) Pattern size. Depending on the size of the room you need to choose the pattern or the graphic. If you want wallpaper with large graphic that is conspicuous then you should look at a bigger room and likewise for small room go for wallpaper that have smaller patterns. Always keep in mind the balance ratio of the graphic to the room.
d) Hanging objects. If you want wallpapers on the part of the room where you would generally hang objects then it is preferable to go for subtle tones but if the objects are bold like mirror or a large painting then you should go for stronger tones and pattern.