How to Install a Pool Liner?

The function of a pool liner that is above the ground level is to keep the water in the pool and to avoid leaking. It does not serve a support purpose that is why it is important to install the pool liner properly. Great care must be taken to maintain the chemical levels in order to get its maximum life expectancy. But what might happen if the time when the pool liner has to be replaced before it leaks and ruin your property? Reading this article will let you know how to install a pool liner properly.

Swimming pool with pool liner

The first thing to do of course, is to prepare the pool for installation. The process involves the draining of water out of the pool and removing the old liner. The drainage may depend on the pool’s situation. It may require you to rent a submersible pump and discharge the water to the nearest storm drain. For the said procedure, be sure to check all the local codes. To remove the old liner, disassemble the top cap of the pool wall which secures in place the liner. Inspect the pool wall if there are rusts or damages for it could also damage the new liner. If necessary, make repairs to ensure that the installation will be successful. Take note of the pool’s depth and diameter when buying a pool liner. Thicker pool liners will provide longer service compared to others but it will cost much.

Once you have prepared the pool for installation, the first thing for you to do is to place around the bottom of the pool an earth mound to ensure that the metal pool frame will not be touched by the pool liner. An earth mound is a smooth layer of sand at the base of the pool. Smooth the area as mush as possible by removing any pebbles or rocks. The next step is to lay out the pool liner touching the pool walls, the ground and the earth mound. Do not pull it too tightly to avoid creating air between the earth mound and the liner. You are most likely to have extra length and width of liner. Leave this draped over the sides of the pool’s edges.

Installing a pool liner

Leave any small wrinkles in the liner that will allow for extra space whenever the liner shrinks. After that, fill the pool with water. Check the liner ensuring that it isn’t moved or being stretched during the filling. Last thing to do is to clamp the liner to the pool’s edges. It is done after the pool has been completely filled with water to secure the liner to the sides of the pool. With all these information at hand, no wonder you already know how to install a pool liner.