How to Make the Most out of a Small Kitchen?

Having a small kitchen does not mean you do not have a good kitchen. Even though you can’t fill it up with furniture or appliances as compared to what you can place in large one, that doesn’t mean it wont be as functional. You can make the most of your small kitchen if you remodel you small kitchen focusing on visual balance, space utilization and functionality.

Here are some things to consider on how to make the most of a small kitchen:
1. Find ways on how to maximize your storage space

In maximizing your kitchen space, you have to partition your storage spaces and make them achieve multiple functions. For example, a wooden rack can be placed on your window provided that they will not block sunlight. This will allow you to have additional space to display plates or other utensils. Aside from its added functionality it can also serve as a decoration.

Brilliant idea for a small kitchen

2. Use Eye Pleasing Colors
Colors can greatly contribute to the overall ambience of your kitchen. It is advisable to use light colors because unlike dark colors, light shades create a visual illusion of having a bigger space. Researches also conclude that light colors can improve a person’s mood.

3. Customize your cabinets
You can also remodel your kitchen cabinets according to how you use them. By maximizing your storage spaces you can free up space for something else. Unused cabinet space should be utilized, if not they should be eliminated.

4. Customize your kitchen furniture
Having a small space may present difficulties in making stuff fit in your kitchen. It may limit you in your choice of appliances and furniture, but you can get through this ordeal by determining what you really need. Eliminate bulky furniture and replace them with a smaller and a more compact one. You may also want to consider portable ones, they offer the same functionality and you can just fold them over when finished.

Small kitchen

5. Utilize Lighting effects
Light can greatly influence the ambience of your kitchen. With proper lighting and positioning your kitchen can appear bigger than it really is. The positioning and the intensity of light also contribute to this feat. Using accent lights tends to provide an impression of a larger space. When used properly, lighting effects will surely enhance your kitchen’s harmony and comfort, no matter how small it is. You don’t need to have a large kitchen to achieve full kitchen functionality or visual edge. Make the most out of your kitchen by planning and strategizing on how to boost the room’s efficiency. As long as you place the right things at the right place, you are guaranteed to maximize whatever space you have. It is not how big your kitchen is, it’s how you make use of it.