How to Organize Storage

Organizing space can vary from a simple task like putting a small hook or peg on to the wall to more complex tasks like building cabinets or breaking cement wall to construct storage space. However, most storage spaces can be taken care of with simple idea and a right approach. Finding the right storage space in the house can making living convenient, clean and hygienic.

There are few basic steps of approaching how to organize storage.
1. Itemization, it is always better if you could list the number of major items that needs to be store and what type of storage will be required for these items i.e. some items will require free standing cabinets others with lockers and others like books and décor items might require a simple display rack
2. Always create a floor plan of the room and draw up a scale of the room’s measurements. This will help you get an accurate measure for constructing cabinets or racks and maximize space.
3. The type of room and the items will also determine the nature of storage space. If you have collection of books you can use them to cover large space and also use as additional insulation for hotter climate
4. Always plan the storage to accommodate additional items. It is also important to construct space depending on the frequency of the items used. Storage spaces for kitchen should always be constructed keeping the accessibility factoring mind as most kitchen items are used frequently. Like wise storage space in children room should be easily accessible and safe.
5. Utilizing redundant spaces in the building is the easiest way of finding storage space. Most houses will have an empty space below the stair case and this will provide ideal storing space. If you have an additional unused fireplace, it can be broken down to create sizable storing space.
6. Some storage space can be created for temporary and quick use. With the use of wire baskets and plastic crate simple storage solution can be created for small items.