How to Paint an Old Counter Top?

Remember those times when you puke into the counter top instead of the sink? Did the water stains leave their mark already? Does your counter top look like a chopping board? This article will show you how to paint an old counter top and make it reusable again. Counter tops take daily abuses and it is inevitable that they will be degraded and later become a junk or be chopped to be used as firewood. But you can still save this treasure made by your father together with the memories embedded in them. Here are some simple steps and tips on how to paint your old counter top:

1. First, clean the old counter top with TSP or trisodium phosphate. TSP is usually used by painters as a degreaser. It is a professional-grade cleanser that removes dirt and grime which prevents the paint from sticking to your counter top’s surface.

Quartz countertop

2. Next, rinse the counter top with alcohol or warm diluted ammonia to get rid of the oily surface.

3. When you are through washing and rinsing, it is time to dry the counter top. It would be best to use paper towels.

4. After drying, rough up the counter top’s surface using a coarse sand paper. The paint will stick better if the surface is a little rough.

5. Wash it again with alcohol.

6. After drying the alcohol, apply the primer. Make sure what you apply is a binding primer to secure the paint will stick. Also, it would be better to open the windows for primers usually have strong smells. Let is set for about 24 hours.

7. When the primer dries and settles with the surface of your counter top, it is time to paint it. Try to match the counter tops color with the things surroundings it. Another thing you want to consider when choosing the paint is the purpose of the counter top. If it is for preparing food, try using a water-based paint for substances from the oil based paints might contaminate your food.

Granite countertop

8. With all the considerations checked, apply two to three thin layers of paint using a roller. Let them dry alter applying each coat. If you like to add some spice to your masterpiece, stencil-paint something to it, a border would be good. You can also try using sponge techniques to give a granite look to your counter top.

9. After the paint dries, finish the work by applying high-gloss water-based polyurethane. Two to three coats will be sufficient. Then allow the sealer to settle for another 24 hours. This insures the durability of your counter tops so that you can enjoy it longer and maybe pass it down to our children.

Do follow these suggested steps and you will never go wrong in painting your old counter top.