How To Quick Clean a Room

Imagine you are at your office and you get a call from some of your acquaintances that they would be coming for a visit and may be have a dinner. Well, that could put you in panic situation, and more so, if you are not sure of the condition of the house. This situation might look like an overwhelming task .However, with little planning and the right approach you can do justice to even some of messiest of rooms.

Here are few quick fix steps that might solve the problem.
• Try to remove all the items that do not belong to the room. By using baskets try to categorize and removed items not meant for the room. What this does is a clean sweep the room and gives you a total picture of what is to be done next or how best to approach the clean process.
• Before placing the items at its proper place. The first thing is to do a quick dusting of the tables, racks and other storage area of the room. Do not forget to clean the cobwebs and other stains on the room ceiling.
• The next step is then to start sorting the items that are for the room and putting them at its proper shelves, cupboards or cabinets e.g. books would normally be place in the book shelves, toys back to the children room, cup and plates back to the kitchen. It is best to approach the cleaning from one corner of the room and then slowing move to other area.
• Dust can make the room look awful. It needs to be clean up after all the items have been stored at its proper place. With the help of a vacuum cleaner you can do a quick suction of , the couches chairs and other sitting spaces and then place the pillows and the cushions coverings at the proper place.
Sweep and then vacuum the room. The floor is the place when all the dirt and dust finally settles. Cleaning the floor can give the room an instant cleaner look.
• Finally, do a quick recap of the room and see to it that all things are at is proper place and the nook and corners are well cleaned.