How To Repair Laminate Countertop

For most housewives, the kitchen is their domain in the household and kitchen counters are like thrones which must be thought of meticulously prior to purchasing. But even with a lot types to choose from, laminate countertops is the top-choice for most homeowners. This kind of countertop is readily available in the market with a wide range of designs to choose from, is very low maintenance and is generally the most inexpensive of all countertops.

And because it is very easily cared for requiring very little from already busy housewives, while others might be spending precious time cleaning and maintaining their countertops, laminate owners get to do other things worth their while. However, affordability sometimes affects durability, so what happens when your laminate countertop gets damaged and needs repairing? Then you ask, how does one repair laminate countertop?

The question arises as to whether you have to repair a laminate countertop or to replace it altogether often comes to mind as it is quite difficult to do and with little success rate in fixing it to make it look brand new again. The decision however would rely heavily on the degree of damage the countertop has incurred.

Minor scratches of course, are easiest to deal with. There are polishes which are available and can easily be bought. This can be reapplied every now and then to hide the laminate imperfections. For bigger problems like dents and cuts, a laminate repair paste can be tinted to match with the existing color or shade of your countertop. The paste then can be smoothened over to cover and to serve as camouflage to the area which is damaged.

Another option which can be done is to cut an exact size and shape as the damaged area and replace it, as one would work on a puzzle. However, this is difficult to be done without the damaged area being noticed. The glue should be removed ever so carefully. Make sure the old glue is entirely scraped off or removed before even attempting to put in the new piece. You can soften the glue by using a heat gun or iron. For a smoother surface, sand the exposed area. After making sure that the area is clean and smooth, spread glue for the new piece to be fixed. Then fix the piece of the countertop like a puzzle piece. Utmost care is needed if this is to be done so as to not damage the countertop area even more.

All materials and tools needed to repair a damaged laminate countertop such as polish, repair paste and putty knife are readily available in shops and are within easy reach. However, professional service to change or repair a countertop can also be sought should you decide to let professionals work on the problem.