How to repair stained glass

Stained glass windows, fixtures and decor are considered as works of art specifically since they are made with careful attention to detail. These are popular in church windows and date buildings and have been present in art and architecture for a thousand years. Today, modern artistry for stained glass is not just limited to church windows but is applied to regular housing d├ęcor, fixtures and even uneven surfaces. Basically, these are pieces of colored glass placed together using glue or a soldering iron for more intricate patterns and designs.

Most common problems with maintaining stained glass are due to the manner of how the pieces were placed together. So if pieces fall off or get damaged, here are a few tips on how to repair stained glass. Initially, determine how the pieces are placed together. There are two known methods in stained glass assembly which is using a gluing process or a soldering process.

More modern or newer stained glass pieces are glued together and you can purchase clear glue at your local hardware store specifically suitable for glass. Consider consulting the store for the right type of glue and that stained glass are usually heavier than normal glass. When placing the piece back, ensure that the area where it was originally placed and the piece itself is clean and free of any residue including the old glue which may refrain the new glue from taking effect. Also read the instructions on the product you bought in order to determine proper curing time before and after applying the glue as they vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications. Since most stained glass pieces are visible from both sides, ensure that you are placing the right amount of glue at the sides as residues may spill over and become too noticeable from each side.