How to Repair Vinyl Upholstery

Do you have highly valued vinyl upholstery that needs a lot of repairing to do? Whether it is torn or simply faded, have you ever wondered on how you will repair it? Surely, if it is one of those pieces that make up your entire living room then surely you shouldn’t miss these steps on how to fix your vinyl upholstery.

• Repairing Torn Vinyl Upholstery
For repairing torn vinyl upholstery, you will need a vinyl patch piece, vinyl adhesive, and vinyl color (if you don’t have the right color patch piece). First, you must cut around the hole to make it even, and to make it easier on putting your patch in. then, find a piece of vinyl that is big enough to cover the hole so that no gap will be seen. It should also have the same color. Then, gently tuck the patch piece of vinyl into the hole so you won’t cause further damage. Spread it out evenly by smoothing it out. Then, lift the damaged section and apply the vinyl adhesive to the original one. Secure the adhesion by putting the adhesive on the patch. Carefully press the vinyl press together. Pressing too hard could cause a gap to appear from the pieces sliding apart. For drying, keep it away from direct sunlight and wait for 24 hours to dry.