Make up the interior designs based on feng shui

There are other collections of ideas that are based on feng shui. For example, round objects and articles for home decorations are generally more acceptable than jagged, edged or cornered objects. Mirrors should never be put anywhere near a bed, and especially not in front of one, but they are free to be put on closed areas such as closets and bathrooms. Long, dark corridors and hallways should never be left dark as they are, and you must find a way to keep them lit, not very bright, but bright enough to overcome the darkness that swallows the area. Ideally, kitchens are best kept at the far end of your house, and must never be near or above the house’s bathroom, if you have to cook by open flame, it’s best to do it outdoors.

Feng shui styled living

These and a multitude of other ideas make up the interior designs based on feng shui. As you might have observed, most of the ideas just doesn’t deal with superstitious thought alone, but are actually based on practical knowledge. Round objects do tend to be safer than jagged or edged ones, for even if you are hit accidentally by one of those articles, it wouldn’t be so much painful or lethal than when you are hit by an edged article. Kitchens are commonly associated with fire, because most cooking methods involve lighting a fire, and in situations such as accidents, it is wise to put the kitchen on such a far area from the house to prevent fire from easily spreading across the house. Feng shui shows that it is yet but another way of effectively designing one’s home, both in function, and in style.

  • Kathleen

    We were given a gift-certificate for a Feng Shui consultation of our home. It was fascinating, but also frustrating because there were so many times when she said we needed to put a different kind of color here, or a different element there. What we ended up doing was using wall decals. We were able to get the designs and colors we needed from And their decals had a matte finish so that they blended into the painted wall and looked like a professional had painted the design on. I think we got a lot of the feng shui ideas incorporated quite well without it costing us an arm and a leg.

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