Making Your Very Own Loveseat Slipcover

If you are looking for an article on how to make your own slip covers for a loveseat, then keep on reading. As slip covers go, the fabric that should be used must be a medium-weight fabric. First, sketch your loveseat with paper and pencil. Write down the measurements on the corresponding sections of your loveseat sketches.

Original jean sofa slipcover

Start measuring for the slip cover’s main section by measuring the back of the loveseat, beginning at the floor. Remove the cushions, letting the measuring tape traverse the length of loveseat from back to front. End the measurement at the floor when you reach the front part of the loveseat. Reminder: give an additional six inches to the total length of this measurement for the hem of the slip cover. Next, measure the loveseat’s width. Set aside two pieces of rectangular fabric cut in this size to be sewn together. Once sewn together using a seam that goes down the middle of the loveseat, insert the excess fabric into possible nooks in the loveseat. Let the material fall towards the floor after most of it has been gathered on the loveseat’s sides.

Spread the material over the loveseat while wrapping it around the sides. Let the edges overlap, then secure with pins. Use strips of matching material to secure the gathered fabric by tacking one end close to the front of the seat and the other end close to the back. Draw the ends together and then tie. Machine stitch the fabric’s hem once you’ve marked the hem on all sides after tucking the fabric into every nook and cranny of the loveseat.

Single sofa slipcover

Measure the front of the loveseat’s armrest’s height starting from the floor to the top of the armrest. Move to the side of the seat next, measure from the floor up and over the armrest to six inches below where the cushions lie. Allow room for a hem. Measure the width of the armrest starting from behind down to the front then add the measurement you took earlier from the armrest’s height. Make two rectangles of material with this size; lay each rectangle over an armrest, pulling the excess fabric into a gathered cluster on the armrest’s front. Let this hang towards the ground.

Like in the main section, the gathers should be tucked in and secured. As for the cushions, sew casings for them as you would a square pillow except that allow for a strip of fabric that is as thick as the cushion to be sewn between the upper and lower parts of the cushion casing. Finally use hardware store purchased screw-in pins to secure the slip cover to the loveseat.