No clutters, please: Feng Shui tips

No clutters, please. You should keep your room fixed and free from litters. Your things and other personal belongings are better kept in cabinet or organizer if not in use. Do not place anything under your bed so you will have a better and more relaxed feel. You bedroom should also make you relax, so keep it free from any distracting sounds or whatsoever noise. Also, avoid bringing inside your bedroom huge living plants but instead get something that is just enough to add to your Feng Shui decoration.

Golden feng shui chime

Place the best mirrors. Mirrors are good deal for your bedroom. It symbolizes achievement and harmony. However you should not place it directly opposite to your bed. A human-size or large mirrors is also a no, no thing especially if you are experiencing some sleeping disorders.
Mirror location according Feng Shui

Have a perfect lighting. Install a good lighting system that is just perfect for you – neither too bright for this is disruptive nor gloomy for this is counterproductive.