How to Choose Window Treatments

When it comes to your home, decorating it needs to be perfect. This is because you certainly would want your home to look well coordinated and suitable for your preferences. The decoration of your home not only includes the fixtures of your home but even your window treatments. A window can even act like your home’s eyes since you can look out while others can also look inside. But since the amount of light that enters your home can affect it, it is important that you control the light that comes in. For this you can make use of window treatments.

The reason why it is important to choose window treatments well is because they act as direct source of light to your home. Your options include shutters, window coverings, vertical blinds, mini blinds, plantation shutters, draperies, curtains, cellular shades, pleated shades, roller shades and a number of other different types. Because there are just too many different options for you, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming.

For this, here is a guide to help you choose window treatments:
• Price
As with anything else, this is usually the first step when it comes to looking for the right window treatment. You need to determine how much your budget is so that you can have a price range on the probable window treatments that you want to buy. By having a budget, you can easily shortlist the ones that have caught your eye.

• Size
This is the next thing you need to know as the size will play a huge part in getting the right window treatment for your home. There are some instances when you can get to a store and find one that you like. If you are unable to write down what the measurements of your window are, you might end up buying one that is either too big or too small for your home. If this happens, you will only waste money on something you cannot use.

• Style and Color
The style of the window treatment needs to match your home. This is where your creativity will take action. You will have to choose the color that matches the predominant hue of the room where you will put the window treatment. The reason why this is important is because it will affect your home’s color scheme later on.

• Type of Window Treatment
Lastly, you have to decide what specific type of window treatment you want for your home. This is where you choose between curtains, shutters or blinds. The decision for this can be affected by the whole look of the room you want to put the window treatment in. If you are interested in having a modern look, shutters can be opted. If this is for an office, blinds are more appropriate. On the other hand, if they are for a bedroom, drapes are usually more appropriate.

However, when it comes to how you should choose window treatments, your own preference cannot be disregarded. The above mentioned are merely some tips on how you can shorten your selection as well as the important factors that you should consider. The end decision still rests on your own choice.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals should be constantly cleaned to avoid a dirty environment accompanied with a foul odor. Inside one’s home, the kitchen is expected to be the cleanest and most well-maintained area. This is where food is stored and cooked. It is also the place where the family gathers together to eat their meal every day, the only place where they typically see each other even with their busy schedules. This is also the place where guests congregate and overflow when there is an event hosted by the owner of the house.

Aside from those mentioned previously, the kitchen serves as an area where different activities are done; therefore, it is essential to keep the kitchen as clean and fresh smelling as possible. Consequently, cleaning the kitchen properly and frequently happens to be one of the many things to be remembered every day.

Garbage disposals are mostly made of metal cylinders equipped with rotating impellers. The insides of a garbage disposal can rapidly become enclosed with sludge and debris, causing these unsuitable items to be stuck inside the drain. Glass, metal, rubber objects and stringy food materials need to be physically removed from the garbage disposal which is an easier thing to do compared to having something removed from the inside of the drain. Thus, items that become stuck or left inside the garbage disposal will breed odor-causing bacteria and cause the malfunction of the garbage disposal if no appropriate action is taken immediately.

How to clean garbage disposal requires suitable materials as well as proper safety handling. Hot water should be poured in the garbage disposal every day, and adding a small amount of liquid detergent helps make some suds to further aid in the cleaning. By turning on the garbage disposal, the water will flush right through it, cleansing the insides of the apparatus. Both the hot water and the detergent should loosen and remove the dirt left in the disposal, even those that might have clogged inside. Remove the drain and scrub away the remaining dirt by using a small scrub brush.

Once you are sure that it is clean inside, replace the drain of the garbage disposal. Cleaning the garbage disposal also includes freshening the apparatus. Grinding ice cubes by placing several cubes in the drain and grinding those helps clean the cutting blades in the garbage disposal. Also, to add a little bit of scent to the kitchen area, add rinds of any citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits) in the drain with the ice cubes.

Cleaning the garbage disposal at least once a week, if not at a daily basis, using the previously mentioned methods will help keep it free from dirt causing bacteria and also mold. It is always better to have a clean and odor-fee kitchen environment.

How to Eliminate Roller Marks

Painting is the most easiest and economical way to make a room more airy and beautiful. But painting may results streaks, drips and marks left by paint rollers. How to eliminate roller marks is as easy as ABC. There are pointers to avoid and eliminate roller marks. Before painting a wall with paint roller, move and cover furniture and flooring. This will preserve the furniture as well as avoid any damage on it. Apply painter’s tape to adjoining walls and then trim those that won’t be painted with the same color of the wall. Cut in the edges and wall corners with paintbrush. Do not place excess paint in the brushes. Paint a section along the edge of the wall one or two feet long. Skip ahead the same distance, and paint back toward the wet painted area. Continue this process. After the primary painting procedures, the rest of the wall can be covered with a paint roller. Dipping and loading the paint brush properly will help avoid drips, streaks and lap marks. Using the ridges at the top of the paint pan can help minimize the excess paint. But be sure the roller is not dripping when raised. This will make sure that the floors will not be stained.

Rollers produce some types of lines, there are more material coming off from the ends of the roller as it moves across the surface. With a variety on the material used, application temperature and pot life, the roller lines may or may not even out. The speed of rolling, the amount of material on the roller and the weight pushing the roller plays an important role in leaving roller marks. Heavy bodied materials are always best applied in small batches and with a push-pull applicator such as a lamb’s wool or micro-fiber pad or a T- bar will help to eliminate roller marks. Make sure to get the right quality materials. If not, it might results to poor result.

Roller marks or stipple are the unintentional textured pattern left in the paint finish by the roller.

Here are the simple tips on how to eliminate roller marks.
• Be sure to use roller cover with right frame and nap.
• Avoid too long a nap for the paint and the substrate.
• Use a good quality roller cover to make sure enough film thickness is applied and the uniformity of the finish.
• A quality paint roller is made around a plastic or wire mesh core that will not soften when wet.
• Use quality paints that tend to roll on more align due to the higher solid contents and leveling properties.
• Moisten roller cover used with latex paint and shake out all excess liquids.
• Apply the paint evenly and rolling the paint brush at a corner near the ceiling and paint down the wall in 3 or 4 square sections.
• Spread the paint on a zigzag way, beginning with an upward stroke to minimize spatter and without lifting the roller from the surface fill in the zigzag pattern with even parallel strokes.

How to Create a Baby Room on a Budget

If you are expecting a new baby to join the family there are many things that you need to take care before the baby’s arrival. Among the plethora of things that you would need to fix, setting up the right type of room is very important. There are many things that need to be sorted out before setting up the room. A prudent and planned approach is crucial so that you don’t miss out on some important ones and you will also not have the time and energy to take care of these things when the child arrives. For most young family creating a baby room on a small budget can be a challenge. However, with careful consideration and planning you can cut down the cost. Here are some practical tips of cutting cost

If you are looking for budget baby furniture the best to hunt are the thrift store, swap meets and flea markets. It is always advisable to go for second hand furniture because most baby out grow these furniture very fast. The other point that is miss out by most people while looking for furniture is functionality i.e. can the same crib be adjusted to form a bed when the child grow up. This approach of buy furniture will cut your total cost in the long run. Safety is one of the primary issues. While buying any used or old furniture you should ensure that all joints, bolts etc are in perfect shape. If any repair needs to be done try to get a good carpenter.

The other place where you can cut down cost is the room’s paraphernalia, like curtains. If you can have basic skills to quilt, crochet and knit most of these works are easy and can be completed few months before the child arrives. A baby room needs to be vibrant and colorful. You can also cut cost on this front by choosing few primary colors and painting the room on your own. With a nice paint roller
and good brush you can get the same quality like most professional. Decorating the room of a baby with limited budget can be both fun and exciting. With creativity and innovation you can cover up a lot of extra cost

Step-by-Step Guide to Treat Furniture Dents in Carpet

I do not know about you, but I’m the type of person that always, when I have a free time on vacation or a long weekend; I enjoy rearranging the furniture and making one to another change to the decor. However, when you have a carpet, and you are moving the heaviest furniture; you realize that they leave marks! And these dents on the carpet made by the furniture looks so horrible that we decide to leave everything as it was so that we do not have to deal with them.

But remember, you cannot cover the sun with a finger, although you can not see the dents they are there, and they continue to damage the carpet; Each time they settle down more and more.

So if you no longer want to deal with that remorse of conscience and once and for all you want to eliminate those marks that the super heavy furniture left on your carpet in Decorating Visita Casas today we teach you how to do it!

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How to paint stripes on a wall

Painting is one of the best decorating items you can put upon any room or the entire house. It inflects an intonation with the change of color and the whole new look. Painted stripes are the new trend that is used in a variety of interior settings. People living in older homes often tend to mixed it up with the paint stripes. The best part of this trend is that you can do it easily without spending a lot of money. It is one of the neatest paintings to come along.

There are some quick suggestions to paint stripes on a wall. Some of these are:
Knowing the right size of the stripes: It is important to know the size of the stripes otherwise it will hamper with the shape of the room. Go accordingly with the outlook of the room. One simple method is to measure it with the standard masking tape widths. It will give the accurate size which is best suited to the room.

The number and quantity of the colors: You might picture a whole lot of colors but do make sure that they compliment each other. You can select 2, 3 colors or more but the paint stripes looks the best with 2 colors.

Technique to lay out the stripes: You have to stripe down the entire room the same way you did when you wanted to hang wallpapers. Starting with a corner and working your way around the room from that particular point will give you a superior result. This way the starting point will be the finishing point of your painting.

Getting hold of a good masking tape: It is necessary to use a masking tape so that the end result will be easy and smooth. With masking tape, you can possibly get neat lines and a minimum amount of leaks will appear from the tape.

[Guide] How to Choose a Color Scheme for your home

color scheme

Finding the perfect color scheme for decoration! There are difficult questions and then there is the question, Nora, what color should I paint? Do not misunderstand me, it is not that I do not have an answer; but do you have enough time to hear it?

To give the right color that should take your decoration starting from scratch, the truth becomes very difficult; you must take many variants such as: culture, your zodiac sign, your tastes, Feng Shui, karma, religion… too many things.

And that is just one particular case, how do I respond in a generalized way? Well I’ll try.

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How to Organize Storage

Organizing space can vary from a simple task like putting a small hook or peg on to the wall to more complex tasks like building cabinets or breaking cement wall to construct storage space. However, most storage spaces can be taken care of with simple idea and a right approach. Finding the right storage space in the house can making living convenient, clean and hygienic.

There are few basic steps of approaching how to organize storage.
1. Itemization, it is always better if you could list the number of major items that needs to be store and what type of storage will be required for these items i.e. some items will require free standing cabinets others with lockers and others like books and décor items might require a simple display rack
2. Always create a floor plan of the room and draw up a scale of the room’s measurements. This will help you get an accurate measure for constructing cabinets or racks and maximize space.
3. The type of room and the items will also determine the nature of storage space. If you have collection of books you can use them to cover large space and also use as additional insulation for hotter climate
4. Always plan the storage to accommodate additional items. It is also important to construct space depending on the frequency of the items used. Storage spaces for kitchen should always be constructed keeping the accessibility factoring mind as most kitchen items are used frequently. Like wise storage space in children room should be easily accessible and safe.
5. Utilizing redundant spaces in the building is the easiest way of finding storage space. Most houses will have an empty space below the stair case and this will provide ideal storing space. If you have an additional unused fireplace, it can be broken down to create sizable storing space.
6. Some storage space can be created for temporary and quick use. With the use of wire baskets and plastic crate simple storage solution can be created for small items.

How To Quick Clean your House | Decorating Visita Casas

How many times has it been that when you are in the office, you receive a call of unexpected visits for dinner? It is definitely a reason for panic, especially when we have no idea if our house is able to receive strangers; so here at Decorating Visita Casas we bring you these tips to quickly clean the house.

And no, do not get too comfortable, because this has to be done practically flying, yes; with the right approach to be as efficient as possible, come on, come on; they will soon arrive!

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How to redecorate you family room in a weekend

Redecorating or transforming your family room in a weekend is quite achievable and possible. Lots of people think that to redecorate a room in a single weekend is a Herculean task.

Family room is an important part of your home as it is the place where most family spends their time together. Actually, it can be quite exciting and fun to redecorate the family room in a weekend as each of the family members can suggest an idea. Weekends are the days when the family can get off from their work and give some time to help in redecorating. With extra help from everyone, it will be done within a short period of time.

First of all, gather everyone in the family and ask one suggestion from each of them, the one important thing that is the most valuable possession for them. Each person can be given a task, each according to their ability and interest. Painting the walls and shelves can be taken care off early in the weekend and after this process all the decorations can follow step by step.
You can start off by placing couches, tables, flower plants etc to create an exquisite feeling. Place the television at one end of the room so that sometimes you can put up the coffee tables at the centre. Put picture frames on walls and tables so that it portrays a loving family room. The color of the room can be bright and fun so that it executes happiness. Books can be placed on one shelf so that the adults can enjoy. There can be fresh flowers to compliment the room. You can even showcase awards and medals so that the joy of winning and taking part in a competition can be displayed proudly.

It is best to follow a time schedule so that the work is done on time and there is no work left for Monday. Everyone can take a good night rest and can start off with their usual work on the weekdays.

How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget?

I often ask for tips to be able to decorate the apartment on a budget. Well I think to satisfy many people in the most practical way, it was time to write this article on that topic.

It is true that when you start to decorating you will find many opinions; but remember one thing: your home is yours.

Decorate in the way that makes you feel more comfortable and always aiming at the beauty and integration of the elements.

The advices I give you are my personal methods to decorate with a low budget, I hope you share me yours, so, let’s begin! Continue reading

How to Decorate the Entryway So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

The entryway of a home is the one that guides what kind of people live in that house. It is where you really perceive the first impression of its inhabitants, not in the facade as many people think.

If you and your family do not feel a radical change of atmosphere just by stepping into the house; then you can be sure that something is missing, and visitors will also notice it.

Although it can be a rather a complex work of decoration, here we give you several tips to achieve a fabulous entry to your home.

Do you like Japanese decoration? Do you like the modern style? This is the article for you then.

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How to Update Your Home’s Lighting

If your home lighting system is obsolete and you are looking for an update that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing then you have look too far. There are different lighting systems that are currently available in the market to suit your needs. Updating your light system to new one can change the whole decor of your house and give the house a new and fresh feel. However, before choosing any light system it is important to keep in mind the system that would the interior of your house. Lighting engineers these days have come out different lighting specifications for different parts of the house. Here is a quick preview of some of the lighting systems available for different parts of the house.

Recessed lighting can be fitted in the kitchen, bathroom and any part of the house that you want to highlight. If installed in the dining room it will add glamour and dept. For decorative motifs, show pieces and paintings that you want to highlight Track lighting is ideal. It will give the best display.

Cove lighting is best suited for dinning room, family room and theater. This system will give a soothing glow that will enhance the room. You can also update you kitchen central lighting system with a modern light diffuser and a wood trim. This can be custom design and is ideal for the Island type kitchen. You can also add lighting system for the kitchen cabinets and for the counter top. For the staircase and hallway there are lighting apparels known as wall sconces

There are lighting systems available for the front porch of your house. The most commonly installed ones are the flood lights. Flood lights will accentuate the garden and the landscape if they are placed strategically. If your have a long walk ways to your house, then lanterns poll lights of electric or gas can be installed and these can give an illuminating glow to the house.

In addition to all these mechanical electrical fittings, you can enhance the depth and décor of you room by installing windows, ventilation and skylights at some of the strategic parts of the house.

How to arrange a comfortable Bedroom

A house is not a home if the bedroom is not comfortable. The first priority of a person is to have a relaxed and a comforting bedroom. Bedroom is the one place where people spend most of their time as a person sleeps half of the day in the bedroom. It is not wise to throw things, hope for the best and enjoy being in the room. Bedroom is the sanctuary for proper rest and it should have calmness and the sanctity of a good resting place. It is not a difficult job to arrange a comfortable bedroom. It is possible to achieve the best bedroom by following some guidelines.

Some of the suggestions in order to arrange a comfortable bedroom are mentioned below:
The furniture’s of the bedroom are very important since it inculcate a place of leisure and a resting place. Since the bed is the main focal point in a bedroom, choose the wall against where you will be placing the bed. Minimal furniture should be placed so that there no piles of possessions. Lamps, nightstands, shelves, and dressers should be well placed and arranged perfectly. By the end of the day, it will not be a serenity to go to your bedroom where you have to climb over piles of things.

Start arranging the room with a piece of paper and a measuring tape so that you get the size of the room and all the arrangements are made precisely. It is not easy to arrange your bedroom without knowing the accurate measurements of the room. After learning the measurements of your bedroom, you can start placing the items. Pick the spaces that will accommodate and fit the pieces flawlessly. It might not be right at the first go but you will naturally find the right layout along the many trials. With proper arrangement, you can lie down in the bed with a calm mind, take proper rest and not worry about how things should be laid out. Bedroom is a resting place and it should completely in tune with the reputation.

How to install a vanity

The role of a vanity in a house is quite important as people have the propensity to spend time on a bathroom. A well designed and planned vanity can change the whole outlook of the bathroom. Such elements and rudiments are important so that it transforms your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one. If you are not comfortable with installing a vanity, you can always hire a professional to do the same. On the other hand it is not quite difficult to install a vanity and if you are smart and know how to use a wrench and a screwdriver, then there’s no reason to hire a person and spend extra money to install a vanity.

One vital point to remember while installing a vanity is that it needs much care and it has to be placed delicately. Choose the color, material and texture of the vanity wisely. The colors that suit the textures of the walls, floor tiles, and drape designs are the best ones to choose from. It is good if the whole area compliments with each other.

Do not be dismayed with the cost of the vanity unit because it comes in all shapes and there are different qualities for everyone. Once you purchase the entire vanity unit, start by removing the old unit. In order to start with it, you need to turn off the water. Once it is taken care of, make sure that the plumbing lines are detached and all the water in the pipes is drained out in the basin. After doing that, remove fixtures and sink and place them elsewhere so that you can even use it in the future. The old cabinets must be attached to the wall. Use a knife to loosen and take off the screws. With this, you will have the inlets and the outlets and a vacant space to place your brand new vanity.

Installing a vanity can be handled even by a person that has no experience. You just have to follow the instructions and get ready to face some dirty work.

Tips for Indoor Christmas Décor

The idea of Christmas decorations plays one of the most important parts for a Christmas celebration. People create their own ideas and share the joy of Christmas with their families and friends. Decorating the indoor does not have to be expensive or nerve-racking task. It is better to involve your family members and follow some fantastic suggestions.

In order to create a warm Christmas decorations, you can follow these tips for an indoor Christmas décor:
Gather all your favorite and much loved Christmas collections and exhibit it. The fond memories with the items will definitely boost your Christmas spirit.

You can decorate all your indoor house plants with Christmas bells and ribbons and fasten it in your curtains. This will appeal the eyes of your visitors.

You can place a collection of Christmas and caroling books in the shelves and tables.

If your house has a staircase, you can always decorate it with beautiful and elegant ornaments, lights, bows etcThe fireplace can be decorated with lots of Christmas stockings. You can also add dolls of Santa, teddy bears and hang mistletoe.

You can dress up the chairs for the occasions with Christmas bows.

The pine cones can be filled up in the glass bowls along with the glittering Christmas balls and placed it on the tables.The entire space of the house can be filled with small Christmas decorations. You can also tie colorful ribbons on the doorknobs and hang garlands to windows and door frames.

To add some more Christmas spirit, you can light some scented candles or cinnamon sticks to create the magical aroma of Christmas.

These are some of the tricks to decorate the indoor part of the house. It is simple and easy to follow as well as very cost effective. These simple tips along with good food and music will create a very splendid atmosphere to live up with the Christmas celebrations.

How to Eliminate Pet Urine Odor

Face it your family pet would already be perfect if only he was housetrained. But even so, there are some instances when your pet will urinate inside your house. When this happens, odor starts to build up and it can be hard to get rid of it. If you don’t know how to properly get rid of it, the scent will remain and your pet will keep urinating in the area. This is why you need to know how you can eliminate pet urine odor. Aside from being able to have a clean home, this will also stop your pets from urinating in your home.

While some people can just go to the supermarket and buy a regular cleaner, this cannot fully get rid of the odor permanently. In order to fully get rid of this problem, here are some tips that you can follow:

• Get rid of the soaps and cleaners you have already used. This can be done by using clean warm water. If your problem is your carpet, you can make use of a steam cleaner. Use water only and not any soap or rug cleaners.
• You can also make use of a quality enzyme based odor and stain remover. The product which you select for this should contain friendly bacteria so that the removal of the stain and the odor can be properly enhanced. The reason why enzymes are preferred from the other cleaners is because these can actually destroy the unwanted uric acid crystals which stick to probably anything. On the other hand, a cleaner can also mask or even cover up the odor problem.
• When using an enzyme cleaner, you should not scrub them. This is important since you are no longer required to drench the affected area so you can reach all of the uric acid crystals which can get left behind from your pet’s urine.
• You should not skimp out on buying a product as this will only cost you more money and time. If the stains and the odor from the urine become older, you may have a harder time getting rid of them. As such, you might even need to make use of a second treatment.
• If your pet has urinated on a piece of cloth, you can actually just leave it under direct sun for a few days as sunlight can kill the scent. However, you have to be careful with this as sunlight can also damage the color of the garment.
• You can also make use of a combination of vinegar and water since it has long been known to neutralize any scent.

Aside from using specific products to eliminate pet urine odor from your home, you can also consider housebreaking your pet. There are a lot of tips from the internet on how you can do this. By doing so, you can allow your pet to stay indoors with you without having to worry about the odor and stains that can get left behind when he urinates.

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