Feng shui at home office

Feng shui is an olden Chinese way of life, which thinks that the arranging and physical characteristics of a home influence the destiny of the owner. With this feng shui home office decorating strategy, you can accomplish more prosperity, better wellbeing, and contentment by affecting how energy runs all the way through your home or garden. In recent times, people around the planet have begun to glimpse the benefits of using feng shui methods in their very own homes. To plan for most advantageous results, you need to gain knowledge of the essential feng shui areas, and what each one is a symbol of, and decorating home office feng shui, room or garden. Grant your life a little yang if you wish for more energy. Open the curtains or blinds and allow the sun shine in as frequently as possible.

Feng Shui office

Green plant life in your home will stimulate yang, bringing you joyfulness and contentment. Yang can as well be achieved from music, water, air, mirrors, wind chimes, bright colors and flowers. This is an additional to decorating home office feng shui. Position your desk so as you do not have your backside to the door. This is the least feng shui condition for the office furniture. Be as well aware of not facing a wall at the same time as working at your desk. If you really have to face the wall, make use of feng shui to make the wall disappear by means of lively images, stunning art, etc; no matter what brings a smile to your face and makes you breathe deeper and calmer.

By means of the principles of Feng Shui on your own desk, be it in a place of work or a home office is a powerful technique to catch the attention of prosperity. By means of a little concern in how you put in order the items on your desk, you possibly will be able to draw attention in more business, and as a result more money. The west part of the desk is related with finances, and so is a perfect place for money, checks and everything else related to money. To further give emphasis to financial prosperity, put the desk in the prosperity spot of the room. You can also put a crystal bowl, plant, miniature water fountain or pricey piece of art on the prosperity area of the desk, because these things symbolize, and as a result attract, prosperity. And for the reason that the color red is related with prosperity, bright red items as well emphasize financial achievement, and placing them in the upper left-hand area in decorating home office feng shui may increase financial fortune. Feng Shui is designed to get better in all of portions of life, from wellbeing to relationships to finances. While the main belief of Feng Shui does not have the assurance of on the spot financial achievement, they can help out create an ambiance favorable to achieving wealth. Patience and hard work will still be necessary, other than the course of action possibly will be quicker and easier, and the rewards may perhaps be better than ever expected.

7 Ideas on how to add charm to your home


Do you need some ideas to add some charm to your home without leaving your budget? Did you just move and there is nothing in your new home? Do you want to transform your home into a home but just do not know how to do it?

It does not matter if all or at least one of those questions is identified with how you feel now; Creative and decorative ideas are always good.

That is why today, the team of Decorating Visita Casas; we bring you a lot of ideas for decoration that will make that space so empty you have, a warm corner and above all very yours.

Let’s do it!

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Baroque wood carving furniture can really enhance the look of your home

Decorating your home with the same old apartment look can be very boring. One way to really make your home feel unique is to decorate your home using baroque wood carving furniture. These furniture pieces are unique, classy and very elegant. Having just a few pieces can completely change the feel of your home, adding a sense of refined taste to any room. The wood furniture will bring the aristocratic taste and feel of class into your home. Good baroque furniture is very well made, usually handcrafted by a seasoned artisan. You can get chairs, benches, tables and a wide range of other furniture from the baroque period. Baroque furniture is often times ornamented with amazing beads or refined glass to really enhance the look and feel of the piece.

Baroque wood furniture

You can decorate your entire home with baroque furniture, or you can add just a few pieces to add a pinch of unique taste to your home. Combining baroque furniture with modern furniture gives a home a very classic yet fresh and artistic look. Even if you do want to decorate your home with a look of class and elegance, having just one or two modern pieces have your house feel like an artistic design rather than a museum.
Baroque carving furniture

Another way to compliment your wood carving furniture’s is by placing carefully selected antiques nearby. Make sure that if you do buy antiques that they aren’t counterfeit and that they aren’t scratched. The best way to do this is to check the piece in both bright light and natural light and look very closely all over. Choosing to furnish your house baroque wood carving furniture is a choice that indicates style and taste. The imperial and aristocratic look of the baroque will surely create an amazing space to live in and a sight that will amaze and dazzle guests.

Freshen up your homes by improving your bathrooms

Our homes reflect our very own unique personality. Ideally, housekeeping and remodeling is very easy. But there are certain areas of the house which will require thorough cleaning and should be made as presentable as possible. One of these areas of the house is the bathroom. Bathroom home improvement can make a big difference not only to the bathroom but to your whole place as well, without having to worry about spending too much.

Bathroom decorating

If you are on your way to a home improvement project, then one of the rooms you should prioritize on your list is the bathroom. The bathroom has many purposes and is considered to be one of the most important areas of any home. Bathroom Home Improvement may not be as important to most people since they do not see what positive results a good bathroom can give to a home. Here are a few tips on how you could achieve a fresher bathroom feel and improve the overall look of your bathroom without spending a lot:

1) Start by painting the room with a new color that would give it a brand new look. Add some natural soy wax candles.
2) Try adding new accessories into it; change the old style you used to have with your old bathroom. Replace all the towels, rugs and the shower curtains.
3) Always make sure that you keep things in the bathroom like shampoos, soaps, etc. and place them in their proper places to avoid confusion and a much disarranged look. Choose only bathroom fixtures that will surely fit to the décor plan you have in mind. They should be practical, durable and tough enough to last years of usage without wearing easily, rusting or molding.
4) Add some decorative trim around the ceiling of the bathroom, giving it a nice look which is not so common to many houses. Rather that redoing the entire wall with paint or wall paper, trimming is very much less expensive to do.
5) For a classy look, consider adding some nice curtains around the bathroom mirror. You can also paint your bathroom sink any color that would match the room, or instead paint a nice design on it.
6) If you have a bigger space, you can also put in some fresh flowers. This will bring in a more refreshing feeling while giving a pleasant detail to the eye.
7) Make sure your bathroom is very well ventilated to avoid problems related to excess moisture, huge amount of dirt collected, possible mold formation and other things that can pose a threat to your family.

Bathroom improving

Although some of these ideas may seem a bit different, but then these are just simple ideas on how to make your bathroom better and give it a unique appearance without you having to spend a lot of money. Generally speaking, if you want to have a better feel of your bathroom, it should be pleasing to the eye and at the same meeting its purpose while providing comfort to anyone. If you have noticed that you have been stuck in the same old house with a dull and boring bathroom area, then consider doing a Bathroom Home Improvement as your best option available. There are a lot of bathroom improvement ideas that you can use to make your bathrooms better and appeal to anyone who sees and uses it.

5 tips for amazing Asian style home decorating

asian style

Many people when decorating their homes choose the amazing asian style; we can’t deny that it is one of the most versatile decorative styles that allows us to take full advantage of the full potential of our space.

However, most people make the mistake of buying everything that looks Asian to add to their decor. That kind of mistake is so typical today, and worst of all, is that people do not realize what they are failing. For that reason, they end up with a space they do not like.

If you want to learn the 5 basic steps to have a true Asian-Japanese decoration, then you came to the right article.

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Enjoy the class and style of palisander rosa wood furniture

The Palisander rosa wood furniture is a very rare and very classy style of furniture. Made from wood found only in the Indian Peninsula, the Palisander is considered a rare and hard to come by wood. Palisander Rosa has generally been considered a high class wood reserved only for the elite, but has recently become much more available to the middle class. The Palisander Rosa wood is generally a dark color with an exotic pattern. It’s a very hard wood so it takes a lot of effort to carve out and use to create furniture. However, once the furniture piece is complete that also means that the furniture piece is very durable and is very unlikely to break. The wood is also much more water resistant than most other woods.

Palisander Rosa wood

Palisander Rosa Furniture is so valuable that there are sometimes even fake or imitation woods used to make Palisander furniture. However, real Palisander wood is easily distinguishable by its amazing, classy look and feel. There are many different types of furniture that are made from Palisander. The most common is the Palisander chair that’s made by Dutch interior designers. These chairs are usually decorated with beads and other ornaments to accentuate class and convey a sense of wealth. Often times these chairs have no arms, which creates a more spacey feel and is surprisingly comfortable.
Palisander wood speaker

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will really stand out, project class and elegance, then a carefully selected piece of Palisander Rosa wooden furniture might just do the job. Having a piece of Palisander furniture in your home will really add to the overall style, feel and décor of the home. So many people all over the world are enjoying this furniture, why shouldn’t you enjoy it as well?

Working your floors with Linoleum

The floor cannot just be taken for granted because it reflects the shape and use of the room. There are actually a lot of materials that you can use on your floors, like linoleum. Linoleum is natural flooring with good and durable quality, and inexpensive also. It was invented in year 1863 by Frederick Walton and became popular on 1950s where it was widely used in residential and commercial structures. It slowed down when vinyl flooring reduced its cost but linoleum still keeps resurgent. It rises again and now we can sight linoleum flooring in malls, offices, schools and other buildings.

Linoleum flooring is made up of organic resources such as linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, limestone and jute. With linoleum you can have your own unique flooring design in your home or office because of its character that it can be cut. This is not only what’s beautiful with linoleum, other advantages of it are as follows:
• Biodegradable –when it comes to disposal and manufacturing.
• Creates no toxin –it is environment –friendly.
• Comfortable and supple.
• High life expectancy –lasts for decades with a minimal maintenance.
• Water resistant –a good choice for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and mudroom.
• Anti-microbial –also good in hospitals and schools as well as in kid’s nursery rooms.
• Has a traditional and contemporary design which makes it flexible and beautiful to use.

Linoleum flooring

If linoleum flooring has its strengths and advantages, it also has it s weakness and disadvantages. Here are some:
• Not heat resistant -so placing an oven or stove near it is not advisable.
• Cutting and preparing directly to it should be avoided.
• It must be protected from moisture in the sub floors so this is not a good choice in the flooring of your basements or concrete sub floors.

These advantages and disadvantages mentioned will be a guide for you in choosing linoleum in your flooring. If you already have it installed and sealed in your floors (basement included), the next step to be taken is on how you can keep it with you for years and decades. Here are some tips and things to remember in maintaining your linoleum flooring:
• Sweeping and mopping your tiles will maintain its cleanliness and beauty.
• In mapping, use a little amount of water and mop it in the area.
• Remember not to keep the water for a very long time in the linoleum floor because it might loosen the tiles.
• Adding a small amount of baby oil in the water will help restore the natural oils that was lost over time.
• A small amount of detergent too will be good in cleaning the floor.
• Always keep in mind not to use strong and harsh cleaners in your tiles. Cleaners who have high and low ph can discolor your tiles.

Floor with linoleum

Maintaining and keeping your linoleum floor lasts is that easy and stress-free. One can do it in a quick and lesser time. Indeed this beautiful and inspired flooring will make your home more marvelous and interesting with the unique and decorative tiles which can go from traditional to modern design.

Setting up a home theater system

Home is the place where you can best hang out at and chill during the long weekends and during breaks and holidays as well. It is best that you are truly comfortable at your own home; this is after all your dwelling place. There are many ways that you will find pleasant and enjoyable to have at home, one of these many things is the home theater system. This very own theater system at your own home, are systems that can cater to your thirst for real theater experience! This is not your regular television unlike the old days, with the technology that we have today, there is more to it now, and setting up y so easy. It is like enjoying a real movie or theater experience with more privacy, having it in your very own living room or bedroom. The basic home theater system would include surround sound for full sound effects, that would mean more than just one stereo speaker will be connected to your video components, and high quality sound stereos at that.

Home theater cinema

The systems that you can have at your very own home, nowadays, will not only mean the ordinary television, VCR player, and stereo sound. It would entail higher quality set of components of audio and video providers. Your home theater system may begin with a large, massive, high-quality, big screen television, or better yet, a projector! And the video equipment that you may want to use, that the majority of the people generally uses, is the HDTV capable. These types of system usually go well with high-quality sources like DVD, laserdisc, or Blue Ray. The setup of the olden times typically made use of stereo VHS formats, and there were also those that made use of hard disc-based systems.

The home theater system sound that is ideal is usually that with high-quality surround sound systems. To say the very least, one with four speakers, and ideally more! Obtaining a high-quality, hard sound in your very own theater system at home is necessary to be able to have a wonderful and enjoyable real theater experience under your own roof!

One of the most over-looked component or aspect of a good home theater system is the seating. Comfortable seats are must haves and will greatly enhance your home entertainment place or theater system. It could also help you maximize the enjoyment you can have in a theater experience! Having your friends over will be a lot of fun, and you can hang out and enjoy a movie together. When your relatives visit and come over, entertaining them will no longer be a sweat to you. You can enjoy a movie more privately alone, or with people you know, and maximize your fun and theater experience. Everything has evolved and rapidly changed along with the fast change of technology, and a home entertainment system is one that was not spared to this change or evolution. From old school VCR to a full boom of home entertainment, you no longer have to look further.

Outdoor handcrafted natural unique furniture

Straight and tall trees are needed in making a outdoor furniture. It has a durable quality that is able to make lasts of its beauty. A few samples of this outdoor log furniture are rocking chairs, decks, outdoor log swings and picnic tables. This adds a spice-up and classy looks in your porches and yards. This does not only bring you together during gatherings and celebrations and a game of checkers in the late afternoon, it also accentuates outside of your home. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting designs of outdoor handcrafted and natural furniture. Many of the designs and artworks carved in this furniture manifest history and stories or picture of our daily activities. Traditional picnic tables constructed from pines is one of the best choices in get together and casual dining. Rustic log furniture is an eye catcher in your porches.

Outdoor handcrafted furnitures

Anyone can actually create his own outdoor furniture. It only takes time, effort and patience in producing your very own. A few tips will guide you in making your own furniture. First is you have to find a large log for your furniture be made possible. From small firewood bundles, small logs can be used in making legs and support of your wood furniture. Drilling is used to help you place the legs. After all the preparation of the materials to be used, start attaching the legs. Support Rungs are placed next after the legs have been attached. For additional stability, place the support rung at different height. Carving and painting can be done in adding design and beautification in you furniture.

This outdoor log furniture is neither new nor old, and it never gets unrecognized from us. It is appreciated, recognized and loved by humans due to its long lasting and durable quality. Outdoor log furniture simply adds warmth and comfort to us as we reside in our relaxing zones after a hard days work. Externally furnishing you home!

Go green with natural soy wax candles burning

Natural soy wax candles burning (Feng Shui) can give a very relaxing environment to anyone. Also called natural candles, it has many advantages over the very common candle made from paraffin wax. Many people choose soy candles mainly for the reason that it is all natural, which means that these candles are made from natural ingredients only. Packed with many benefits, soy candles are better choice than those candles which are made from paraffin wax.

The main component of wax candles is inexpensive soy wax which is hydrogenated soybean oil and from vegetable based wax. And since it is made from natural substances, these candles are non toxic and non-carcinogenic. This means that soy candles are very friendly and produces no harm to the environment. Not only does it promote a cleaner environment, it also helps lessen air pollution since it is free from the harmful soot other candles emit. Many people ask what really makes soy candles different from other candles available in the market. There are a lot of reasons why soy candles are favored by many over paraffin candles. The primary reason is that these soy candles are made from natural substances only which make it good for the environment. Those candles which are made from paraffin wax are very hazardous not only to the people but also to the environment because of the black soot that it produces and emits, making it not a good choice for anyone. Burning soy candles can also provide more enjoyment since you don’t have to worry about any harm that it can bring because it is very eco friendly, thus producing healthier air for the environment. Using candles made from natural soy wax also reduces the dependency on fossil fuels since soy candles are made from a renewable source. There is also no more problem with cleaning up candle spills if you are using soy candles because removing candle spills is already an easy task to do since soy candles are water soluble, you only need hot soapy water to clean up the mess. Soy candles also make a very good gift to anyone. Set up the mood of the place with the fragrant aroma soy candles can give. If you are looking for a greener choice when it comes to candles, then soy candles are the best bet for you. Soy wax candles are a good way of showing your support to the environment because it can cause no harm, thus producing a cleaner earth for all of us.

Natural soy wax candles

Truly, nothing beats the mood burning candles can give, how much more if these candles burning are harmless. Decorate your home and offices with fragrant soy candles without the worry of covering your entire place with black soot. With Soy Wax Candles, you are sure to enjoy the relaxing sensation it can bring and at the same promoting a cleaner environment. So start your soy candles burning, enjoy the benefits it can bring and help build up a better place for us to live in.

Frugal decorating ideas

Just because the cost of everything has been rising out of control, it doesn’t mean we have to ignore decorating our homes. There are many ways to add improvements to a living space without crashing even the tightest of budgets. If you learn how to be thrifty, you can give your house a facelift. Maybe you don’t have ideas on how to do this, so here are some tips to help.

There’s no better tool to get started with than a pen and paper. Now, make a list of areas that you want to improve in your home (i.e. Home theater). Make note of what kind of change you would like to happen. Even if you know you can’t afford the home remodeling and decorating project (girl’s bedroom), add it to your list of goals and wishes. Prepare yourself now to start looking for things to help fulfill the ideas on your home decorating wish list. Nobody says you have to buy brand new stuff to create a spiffy new look to your home. Maybe you have some second hand shops in your area. These are ideal for finding interesting additions for the home. In addition, consider browsing garage or yard sales, classified ads in the newspaper, and bulletin boards at the grocery store or church.

Girl bedroom

You may even be able to sell off some of your old stuff to rake up money for buying new stuff. You could buy some paint and give drab looking pieces a new look. A little paint goes a long way. Before throwing anything away you should think about what you can recycle it into to make a new look. If you are going to get new curtains, don’t throw away your old ones – that’s a lot of fabric that could be used for other redecorating projects. Just by simply placing a couple of shelves in a room can add new life and appeal to it. You can pick up little wall shelves for next to nothing. If you’re really crafty, then you already know that you can work wonders with jars. Using ribbons, paint, and beads on a jar can make pretty home decor, especially in the kitchen.

Remember to always look for second hand items before you make the final decision to buy new, when feasible. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit. You don’t have to buy home interior decorations in sets, let your imagination guide you into putting different pieces together for a brand new look. It’s your home sweet home -and you should let your individuality shine through!

Good quality wood framing for upholstery furniture

It is time to talk about wooden furniture for you home. Some decorating products feature wood frames and fabric or leather upholstery. Establishments within this wood furniture industry produce a wide range of wood framing for upholstered furniture for the home, including such upholstered living room furniture as sofas, rockers, recliners, chairs, and coaches. Products manufactured in this industry include other household furniture as well as juvenile furniture.

Upholstred furniture

I think that some furniture employs softwoods (and others employs hardwoods), but may suffer from its difficulty in supporting the joinery that is required for the best quality furniture. Maybe the tight graining of hardwoods allows for pegs, screws and tacks to be set securely, reducing the likelihood of their becoming loose over time. Hard woods used in upholstered furniture include oak, alder and other woods with tight graining. Hardwood laminates are often used for blocks and braces because laminates are actually stronger than solid wood in these applications.

You already know that the wood for a piece of upholstered furniture must be assembled into a sturdy frame. Generally, the more rigid and solid the frame the better, because a loose or a weak frame can crack or fail, and several craftsman processes can be used to create a good, strong frame. A great variety of woods and laminates are used for joining, blocking and dowelling and sometimes several diferent techniques are used. Upholstery is the art of providing wooden furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. This word “upholstery” comes from the Middle English words up and holden, meaning to hold up. The term is applied to domestic furniture and also to applications in automobiles and boats. A person who works with upholstery is called an upholsterer; an apprentice upholsterer is sometimes called an outsider or trimmer. The wood used for that needs to really be of a great quality and endurance.

Office and business Feng Shui

To incorporate a good Feng Shui environment within the workplace or working office or business, there must always be light when you’re engaged in activities. If you’re fortunate enough to have windows that allow natural light in, don’t cover them up with dark blinds. Enhance the natural light flow in the area by putting up a mirror to pull the reflection of the natural light into the room -make sure that the reflections cause no discomfort to normal vision.

If you have a choice in the matter, always steer away from florescent tube lighting. These prevent the essence of life energy from flowing through the room. They whine and blink and cause distractions away from your goals. This is definitely a negative strike against your balance of peace within the workplace. It’s important to have plenty of light -you might want to get a small desk lamp to help give a good flow of life energy -or chi– in your space.

Feng Shui

In your work space it’s important for Feng Shui to put priority emphasis on the placement of your desk. The desk is considered to be the heart of the room. It’s where the work gets accomplished and ideas are born. The desk should be arranged so that when you are at your normal sitting position, you’ll be able to see the entranceway to your office. The premise behind this is to allow you to know what is coming at you or what may be approaching you. In other words, no surprise attacks. If it’s not practical to position things so that you are facing the doorway, then you should consider placing reflective mirrors that will give you a view of the entrance. You’ll see them before they see you!

It’s easy for us to over clutter our workspace. It becomes a catch all because it’s our own personal space. If you look around, surely there are several things pervading the area that you don’t really need in your office. The bring the Feng Shui harmony into the works, it’s necessary for you to remove all unnecessary items from your space. Let the energy flow through the area without obstacles. This is especially important when you have a very small office area. If you are confused about what to keep and what to remove, look at it this way. If you aren’t going to be using it in the next couple of weeks, or at least this month, then chances are you should free up the space and let the energy flow through!

A new deal on your home mortgage

A new deal on your home mortgage, or what is called a refinancing, will help you considerably. Your monthly payments will be lower so you will have more money to spend after you pay your monthly bills. Do not let the extra paperwork scare you too much and do not accept the first offer without checking out all other possibilities. Keep in mind that the result will be that your daily life becomes a lot easier and maybe you will no longer have to deliver pizza’s half after work until early morning hours to make ends meet.

Home mortgages

Your wife would no longer complain that you are just a stranger who pops in every now and then. You will actually be able to create more time that you can spend with your family. You will have more breathing room for your spiritual development. Hobbies become a possibility again and there is no longer a need to feel guilty when you called in sick at your pizza place so that you could play video games all night. If you pay a considerable portion of your monthly income to your home mortgage loan, and your activities in life are considerably restricted because of your high payment, then it is definitely time to look into the possibility of refinancing your home mortgage loan.

Making room for a home theater

With the ever increasing popularity of DVDs, there’s no wonder that a lot of families are making room for a home theater. It’s not just your run of the mill family room, but a miniature cinema for enjoying your favorite movies in the comfort of the home. Why spend all that money going out to see a show when you can invest those high ticket prices into building something that will last a long time? You might dim the lights when watching a movie in your home theater, but you still want the room to have an inviting theme when it’s lit up. The lighting should be recessed and comfortable to the eye. You may choose to include some modern sconce lighting. You should consider painting the walls a nice flat dark or black color.

If you have enough room and money, seating may be arranged in a staggered manner with the rear seating set upon a slight rise or platform to give the effect of a cinema. You might consider buying the recliner style seating that accommodates drinks. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few small pillows and throw blankets to the mix. Be sure to account for the extra room needed for reclining when you are figuring out your plan for your home theater project.

Room for a home theater

Now, you don’t want to leave those dark walls completely bare, so you should keep theme in mind for your home theater. The best compliments for your miniature cinema would be to surround the room with posters on the walls. You can use your imagination to find the right ones. Searching on the internet will bring you all kinds of different movie themed posters. Remember, you can frame a poster and keep it in mint condition if you buy a poster cover or frame for just a few dollars. Now that you have the basis of how to style your home theater, all you need to do is add the movies and popcorn. Have fun with it!

Painting a girl’s bedroom

I remember growing up and watching my mom completely transform the interior of a house just by slapping on some paint in all the right places. Although it’s not the easiest thing in the world, painting a girl’s room can give a million dollar transformation at an inexpensive price. It can be done by anyone who possesses a little patience and few simple tools that can be obtained at any hardware and paint store or department store. Before you begin your project of painting your daughter bedroom, there are a few things you will need to put on your shopping list:

* Glossy light colored paint for trim and doors.
* Wall paint mixed to your desired color.
* Screwdriver for removing all wall switch covers.
* Tape for protecting edges.
* Protective covering for the floor.
* A stick for stirring paint.
* Primer to help ensure paint adheres.

Some girls grow out of the girly pink phase sooner than others. You don’t have to force pastels on her, but you should insist on glossy light colors for the doors and trim. White or Creme is a happy median. Doors and Trim are generally glossy. It’s a good idea to coat these with a bonding primer to make sure your new application adheres to the existing painted surface. This is especially important when making a move from gloomy to bright coloring. Of course, is not the same that paint a wood furniture.

How to paint a girl's bedroom

Make sure your walls are clean and dry. Now that you have your supplies, you should start with taping off the areas around the trim and doors where they come in contact with the floor and ceiling. This will help keep the paint where it’s supposed to be. There’s no need to tape around to protect the walls, because you will be painting over the walls after a couple of days anyway. You may now begin priming the doors and trim. If the end result is going to be a drastic change, you may wish to give two coats of primer to make sure that the paint will cover and stick well. Be sure to allow your primer to dry for about five hours before giving an extra coat, or before starting to paint it.
A girl's bedroom painted

Once you’ve primed and painted the trim and doors, you may remove the protective tape. You should wait a few days for the doors and trim to dry before beginning the painting of the walls. This amount of drying is needed so that you may apply tape around the edging of the trim for protection when you’re painting the walls. If you put tape on the trim too soon, it may cause the new paint to peel away when the tape is lifted. So, be on the safe side, be patient, and allow for a good drying time.

How to paint wood furniture

Furniture that’s been crafted out of solid wood can last for many centuries. Building a sturdy wood piece can be very time consuming, but when it’s all finished, it’s a piece that can be handed down through many generations. If you’re lucky enough to inherit or purchase a fine wood piece, you may wish to change its appearance to match the existing colors of your decor. You might even want to start a new decorating project that revolves around your new found treasure. Don’t worry, you don’t need an expert to do this. All you need are a few simple tools that are not hard to find at any hardware. To be well equipped for painting wood furniture, make a list and include the following:

* Brushes to paint with.
* Handy wipes or rags for easy clean up.
* Paint in your color choice (Gloss paint is recommended, but not required).
* Primer to help bond the new paint color.
* Something to protect the floor from paint spatters.
* A sheet or two of medium grade sandpaper.
* Mild soap and water to clean your piece before painting it.
* Screwdriver to remove hardware knobs and handles if your piece has drawers or doors.

Painting wood furniture

The first thing you should do is make sure your piece of furniture is free of dirt and moisture. If there are drawers, pull them out to work on separately. If the existing paint is extra shiny or you see obvious cracks or peeling, give it a once over with your sandpaper before you go through the cleaning process. No sense in having to clean it twice! Your piece may already be in good enough shape to skip the cleaning/dry and sanding project. If there are any knobs, handles, or hinges that you don’t want to accidentally get paint on, you should remove them.
Painting furniture

Next, you will want to coat your furniture with primer. Paint it in the color of your choice, making sure to apply all surface areas that will be getting re painted. You may wish to repeat the primer process to reensure that you’ve gotten a good bonding effect. Each time you apply primer, you should wait until the wood dry properly before doing anything else; it should take not more than 5 hours. Once your primer is dried to your wood furniture, it will have a filmy look to it similar to chalk dust.

Now you are ready to paint your wood furniture piece. It’s a good idea to give the furniture two coats of paint. You should let the paint dry for about five hours before applying the second coat.

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