Paper shower curtains for your bathroom

Before you get confused, these “paper curtains” aren’t literally paper. This is a new type of trendy curtain called rice paper shower curtains. Rice paper shower curtains are vinyl-based and it resembles the texture and opaque appearance of an actual rice paper. Colors are usually white or a calming shade of green. Rice is a staple food in Asian countries so rice paper shower curtains became associated with Asian or Oriental themed bathrooms. They complement other bathroom décor particularly artificial bamboo plants and real rice paper placed on windows.

Paper shower curtain

A common color of rice paper curtains is white and since it’s neutral, it goes well with different color palettes. Given the semi-transparent appearance of the curtain, it looks great with pastels and soft hues. It will also neutralize loud colors or large prints in the bathroom should you ever have any. However, if you want to experiment with patterns to add more life to the simple colors the shower curtains you are free to do so. Place the curtains against the towels, bathroom mats or other accessories so you will have a virtual idea of how the pieces will come together. Just keep in mind that this type of curtains will always tone down any color or print you match it with.