Paper shower curtains look unique

For a more polished look, most people choose rice paper curtains. It appears more elegant and it allows more light because of its translucence. It’s perfect for small to medium sized bathrooms or for those bathrooms with no windows. Rice paper shower curtains look unique and not to mention calming. They’re easy to match because of the neutrality of their colors. They look great against any wall color so it will be easier to decorate because you can match the accessories to the curtains and not necessarily the walls.

Paper shower curtain

When choosing the curtains, you might want to stay away from patterns if you have a small bathroom because it will make the room too full. The simplicity and elegance of the rice paper curtain will carry the entire room. Although there are rice paper curtains with prints which are usually floral. The femininity of the curtains provides the bathroom a laid-back feel. Another plus from using rice paper shower curtains is the price. They are easy to find and are pretty cheap unlike most the typical shower curtain found in department stores. You can even purchase these curtains in online shops.
Common plastic bathroom curtain

When it comes to cleaning and washing, a lot of curtains require a curtain liner. Rice paper shower curtains, since it is made from vinyl, do not need to make use of a curtain liner. You can easily wipe it clean using a sponge or wet cloth. If you’re a minimalist of if you’re looking for a unique bathroom decorating idea, rice paper shower curtains are for you.