Play on Stripes!

If you want to give the impression that your wall is like a tattered silk, you can do it so by the use of whisking. What is whisking? It is basically a method of faux painting with the use of two colors-the base coat and the top coat. It is easy to do whisking as long as you follow the easy steps.

Striped wall painted with cold colours

The first thing to do is to choose the colors that you are going to use. Always take in mind that the shade of the top coat will be more visible than the base coat so better choose the right shades of color. Remember to check if the top coat will complement the base coat to achieve that tattered silk effect. Upon choosing the colors to use, you must first try painting them in a piece of wood or any surface you can test on. You can check on how thick or thin your coating will be for each paint color. It is just a way of testing the coatings so you would know how to get the look that you want to achieve.

Once you are already done with the testing, you can now check on and prepare the surface that you are going to paint on. If it is your walls, you must be sure that it is clear and clean. You can also put some tape on the surfaces that you would not put paint on just to serve as your guide. Then, once you are ready to start painting, apply the base coat first. Be sure to apply the same amount on the entire surface to achieve that uniform shade. Allow it to dry first before applying the top coat. You must start on one side first then continue to paint the entire surface. Remember to get a brush and use it for cutting near baseboards.

Striped wall

You can now get your whisk broom to apply paint stripes. The area can depend on you but the usual plays around two feet. With the use of the roller, you can roll over the strip from top to bottom. Check on the texture of your whisk because it will take too much of your time going back to the entire surface just to paint over it again. Also, be careful so as not to overlap the stripes on the other parts to achieve that perfect tattered silk you wanted. To avoid leaving a mess with your walls, wipe off the broom before you go over the next swipe. Avoid using paper towels because they will only ruin your whisk paint. As with regards to the design of the stripes, you can play around vertical, horizontal or curve patterns as long as you know that the shade of colors complement with one another.

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