Pocket Curtains is one of the most stylish trends for draping

Nowadays, the tab top pocket curtains is one of the newest, neatest, and most stylish trends for draping. It is also being featured in almost each and every home décor mail order catalog; this is the kind of window treatment that offers us a casual elegance that already exists in some modern homes. We should change out our old dusty drapes with some crisp linen which is such a great way to create some makeover in our rooms. And if we already have new window coverings in our home, we’ll then find the advantages of adding the pocket curtains, for us to go far beyond the interior decoration.

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Adding some curtains is a very practical way to help our home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And if we would want our curtains to accomplish these goals of adding some style and efficiency in our home, we could have a heavy dense fabric or even purchase a light- blocking fabric from our local yardage store. But then, before we ever rush off to the fabric store, we should first measure the height and width of our windows. We will need these measurements to calculate how much fabric we should buy. It is also a must to double the measure of the width of our window and then add six inches with our windows height, and lastly add some allowances for our seams.

When we already have the dimensions for the body of our drapes, we could now start by simply cutting our panels to fit our windows. We should not also forget to add the seam allowances to avoid ending up our project that won’t fit our window. The tab top should be cut 9” long and 3” wide. This measurement should also include a half-inch seam allowance on each of its sides. We will need to cut two pieces for each tab -from it front and back- and at the same time we will also need a tab with at least six inches.

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And once that we already have all our panels hemmed up, we can now begin sewing the pockets on. We should now hem the top edge of our pocket and press the seam allowances on its remaining four sides. We could use an L or even a T-square just to make sure that our pockets are plumb as we are positioning them on the drapes. We can now use straight pins to hold it in place until we get it at the sewing machine, or we can also use a hem tape which is an iron-on product that helps us eliminate sewing altogether.

This is a great set of tips for a very easy and convenient way in doing our own tab top pocket curtains to decorate our home. Now, we don’t have to expend too much money just to achieve a very elegantly looking house that will surely attract a lot of people.