Positive Energy for your Kitchen

Many people, whether Chinese or not, still believe in Feng Shui. It is a continuously practiced oriental art that focuses on where to correctly place things for maximum energy. It lies on the belief that there should be harmony between nature and mankind. That is why even in the positioning of furniture or appliances at home, Feng Shui, for most families, must be consulted. As for the Feng Shui teachings for the kitchen, there must be four things to consider and these are Earth, wood, warmth, and plant. These are very essential to be considered because the kitchen is a key point for the families health and wealth.

FengShui kitchen

Now, here are Feng Shui furniture placement ideas for the kitchen:
Focus on round. Yes, make everything in your kitchen round like your tables, countertops, couch or chairs, and even your sink. Everything in your kitchen must have something round in them. It is better if you avoid other shapes such as rectangle or shape but be sure you still have something round in them. Avoid pointed edges as much as possible. If it would be better if all the regularly used things in your kitchen would have arms. For example, chairs that you use for cooking must have arms so that you would feel comfort and convenience while doing your chores. Having a chair with a hard and solid back invites energy or the so called chi to remain in the entire kitchen.