Positive Energy Symmetry throughout your Home: Feng Shui Interior Design

Feng Shui, pronounced as fung shway, is an ancient Chinese system that deals with aesthetics in correspondence to believed laws of Heaven (think of a night sky) and Earth, used to improve one’s life by through acquisition of positive ki. It is a system that is widely applied by the Chinese specifically in interior design. According to the feng shui system, there are several spots and positions on certain areas and establishments that can maximize the positive ki present in that area, and can indicate certain aspects and general ideas of the affected people’s fortune or destiny. Here are some general ideas of how feng shui based interior design works

Feng shui styled living

Information on feng shui interior design is still popularly applied by some people. It provides certain ideas and innovation that can also be used practically in designing homes. If you are interested in feng shui, you might want to hear some rules in the designing and decorating homes the feng shui way.

Finding the exact center of a building or structure is one way to start determining your home’s design based on feng shui. This is for you to easily and accurately apply them, because if you have chosen the wrong center for your feng shui based interior design, then all points that follow after it would end up in the wrong location, thus putting all your efforts into naught.

FengShui kitchen

Feng shui can be applied in a variety of ways that does not require any specific article to use. For instance, you can find the best bed position in your room using feng shui. According to feng shui, you should not place kid’s beds right across doors. The bed should ideally be at one side of the room and be able to see the door clearly. If possible, your kid’s bed should be placed at a corner, for a better sleeping experience.