Putting the pieces together in flower arrangement

Buy everything on the list you have made, it is advisable to pick up the non-perishable items first like the accessories and the containers. Exotic and Wild Flowers wilt easily especially when exposed to heat and air so it is best to soak their stems in water once you get home, this will help prolong their freshness. Some flowers however require refrigeration, the conditions for each flower is different so it is best to ask the florist for tips.

Flower arrangement

Before putting the design together make sure that your workplace is clean and you are properly equipped with shears, towels and spray bottle. Be certain that you have everything you need in the table for quick access because you need to operate quickly to prevent the flowers from wilting. Carefully set the flower arrangement, you can stick the flowers to hydro foams for additional longevity. Carry out the design that you have made earlier and improvise if you want, make it as special as you can. After you finished doing the arrangement, be sure to keep it from direct sunlight and store it in a cool and safe location.