Selecting the Right Paint: Oil-based or Latex Acrylic Paint

Selecting the type of paint for your painting project may be a tough decision. The question to ask before choosing oil-based paint vs. latex acrylic paint really depends on your existing wall surface, how you prefer to clean it later on and the visual appearance that you like your walls to have.

Before selecting between oil-based paint vs. latex acrylic paint, one must understand first the advantages of each kind of paint versus one another.

Advantages of oil-based paint vs. latex acrylic paint
• Oil-based paints are better stain sealers compared to latex paint where stains can easily penetrate.
• Oil based paints are better for holding unto steel, metal and dirty surfaces while latex should rather be applied to clean surfaces since the paint does not stick unto dirty and chalking surface.
• Oil based paint usually are more resistant to low temperature thus are less susceptible to shrinkage compared to latex that is more sensitive to temperature thus is vulnerable to shrinkage.
Oil based paint may be used in high foot traffic areas due to its durability and the capability to be cleaned. Latex on the other hand must rather be used in non-high traffic areas such as the bedroom.