So you want to sew curtains for the first time

Next would be the preparation of materials for sewing fabric. In general, you would need measurement materials such as yardsticks and tape measures, sewing devices or tools such as sewing machines and scissors, and other supporting materials like threads, pins etc.

Roman curtains

If you don’t have a ready made fabric for curtains, then you might have to cut one for yourself. Adjust the size of the fabric to the size of the window. The fabric doesn’t have to be of completely exact size. In fact, excess fabric is even more recommendable as it provides room for the main design of your curtain. Pre-wash the fabric before sewing or cutting it. You might be surprised to see the difference in size between a store-bought fabric and a pre-washed fabric, and might make errors in cutting and sewing the fabric altogether.

Another procedure in sewing curtains is to mark the fabric. This is to know where the cut line would be and where to fold and sew the fabric into place. Sewing the fabric is mostly done to shorten the fabric to a specified size. When there is a need to create certain decorations like ruffles and certain draping designs on your curtains, pins are used. In sewing the fabric, always make sure to measure the folded areas before sewing, and test them if they fit the design by applying pins first before actually sewing them into place.

Window decorative curtains

This is just be a starting reference to get you started in sewing curtains. There are whole variety of designs and decorative innovations in sewing curtains, and there are quite a number of experts who are willing to help you in your curtain design. You just have to know where and how to look, and who and how to ask.