Stick It, Plaster It, Hang It: Wall Accents for Your Home

If painters have their canvas as outlet for creativity, homeowners have the empty spaces of their dwellings to use as clean slate to express art. Interior walls are the perfect areas to put up things that might be any of the following: pieces that have sentimental value, awards, or pieces that simply look interesting to gaze at. Wall accents amp up your interior design.

Lovely apple shaped kitchen accents

Things posted on walls are usually good conversation starters with house guests. Wall accents also reflect the style of the homeowner. Of course, to make wall accents “effective”, we should consider two important elements: the style of the home and the personality of the homemaker. Here are some things to consider when putting up wall accents for your home. To avoid making decoration mishaps, especially with wall accents, de-classify the style of your home. Remember: your wall accents must complement the style of the house; however, what you place on your walls must also reflect you and not just the house itself.
Wall accents for the kitchen

For Victorian type houses, Renaissance paintings are must-haves. Gothic photographs in large frames with lots of details will also give that classic and elegant touch. To make a room appear more spacious, a big mirror channeling the Victorian era places in the kitchen or living room (those with intricate carvings and details) will do the trick. Hanging candelabras will also provide the vibe of being inside a castle or a European manor. You can also replace an old mirror and convert it to a photo frame for a change.